‘Creep’ and ‘Dumbass’ Donald Trump Jr. Blasted for Tweet Attacking Dr. Blasey Ford


'She...Literally Is a Psychology Professor'

Donald Trump Jr. has been tweeting up a storm all day, attacking Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and her testimony during the Senate Judiciary Committee.

One tweet in particular has been singled out as grotesquely and alarmingly insensitive, and people on social media are furious about the preident's son's remarks.

Dr. Blasey Ford several times has talked about her fear of flying, and of the claustrophobia she experiences. She has tied this to the attempted rape and the sexual assault she accuses Brett Kavanaugh of perpetrating.

During today's hearing the GOP's prosecutor tried to suggest those feelings might be fake, because she does fly. Dr. Ford, who has been brutally honest, acknowledged that flying for a vacation is far less stressful than flying  to, say, a congressional hearing.

Trump Jr. used that to attack Dr. Blasey Ford.

Many expressed outrage. Take a look:



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