Kansas Anti-Immigrant Secretary of State’s Lead in GOP Governor Primary Eviscerated


Down to Less Than 100 Votes, With More to Count

Kris Kobach, the Donald Trump endorsed Kansas Secretary of State has just had his small lead in the GOP governor primary cut in half, the AP reports.

Kobach, who has a long history of anti-immigrant policies and a fake voter "integrity" program designed to reduce voting rights, was the attorney for the legal arm of an anti-immigrant hate group. He also served as the co-head of Trump's "voter integrity" group that failed to find the "millions" of fraudulent votes Trump insisted were cast in the 2016 election, against him.

"Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's lead in GOP governor primary cut in half after vote mistake discovered," the Associated Press reported Wednesday afternoon.

Kobach has refused to recuse himself from any recounts, which he would supervise as the Secretary of State.

His lead is now less than 100 votes, with more votes left to count:

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