Trump Promises to ‘Ask’ – Not Charge – Putin About Election Attacks and Immediately Offers a Defense


'There Won't Be A Perry Mason Here'

At a joint press conference with Prime Minister Theresa May in the UK President Trump was asked what "three or four things" he hoped to accomplish during his upcoming visit with Vladimir Putin.

President Trump didn't actually answer the question.

Instead, Trump rattled off s series of topics that he says he plans to discuss, including Ukraine, Syria, and the Middle East. Trump focused on nuclear proliferation, stumbling a bit on pronouncing the term, and apparently unclear as to its meaning.

The president's comments on nuclear weapons of mass destruction actually made it unclear if he is for or against them. In the past Trump has gone so far as to ask why as president he could just use them whenever he wanted to. And he's provoked a nuclear arms race with Russia, along with pushing North Korea to hasten its own timetable.

But Trump brought up the issue of Russia's attack on the U.S. presidential election that place him in the White House – an issue he's repeatedly made clear he does not believe happened. There is unanimous agreement among the U.S. Intelligence services and even the Senate Intelligence Committee that Russia attack America, although many use the inappropriate term "meddled," despite the vast length and reach of Russia's attack on America.

"We’ll be talking about meddling, and I will absolutely bring that up," Trump told reporters.

"I don't think you'll have any, um, 'Gee, I did it I did it you got me, there won't be a 'Perry Mason' here," he added, referring to the iconic 1950's and 60's television series that regularly featured dramatic courtroom confessions.

"I don't think – but you never know what happens," Trump said, already providing cover for Putin, once again.

"I will absolutely, firmly ask the question," Trump promised, missing the point that it's not a question – there is hard evidence that Putin attacked America and Mueller has already indicted 16 Russian companies and individuals for their roles in the assault on U.S. democracy.

"And hopefully we'll have a very good relationship with Russia," Trump concluded, immediately after claiming he will "firmly ask" about what amounts to an act of war against the country he now leads.


Here's a response from an intelligence expert:


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