Impossible ‘To Overestimate Just How Despised He Is’: 50,000 in London Preparing to Protest Trump

CNBC correspondent Wilfred Frost reported on Wednesday that over 50,000 protesters are gearing up to oppose U.S. President Donald Trump when he visits London on Friday.

“The president goes from Brussels to the United Kingdom tomorrow, what reception will he get here?” Frost began.

Alastair Campbell, former spokesperson for Tony Blair, argued that it was impossible “to overestimate just how despised he is.”

“He might think it’s unfair… But I think people feel that America is special country and, therefore, the leadership in America should be something that British people can look up to and respect,” Campbell explained. “I’m afraid there is very little respect for him.”

“I suspect you will find that the protests will be big,” he added. “People will not want him to feel welcome at all. And I think that goes very, very far across the board.”

Frost reported that “over 50,000 protesters” were expected to converge on Trafalgar Square when Trump travels to London.

Watch the video below.


Image: Screenshot of Donald Trump balloon that will be flying over London to protest Trump. Via YouTube.

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