Calls Mount for Trump to Cancel Putin Meeting After Mueller Indictments Prove Russia Attacked US


'Get Your Butt on a Plane Back to the United States'

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein revealed Friday afternoon that he had briefed President Trump on the indictment of 12 Russian government officials for hacking during the U.S. election. The indictments are so serious some are calling it an act of war.

And yet, during his trip to the UK, President Trump – knowing about the indictments – told reporters he would "ask" – not charge, not show proof, but ask – President Vladimir Putin about the "meddling."

"I don't think you'll have any, um, 'Gee, I did it I did it you got me,'" moment, Trump said, giving Putin an out before he even asks.

The White House has released a statement that takes a defensive posture, and does not in any way condemn Russia:

Political scientist Brian Klass earlier today noted that, "this week, Trump was aware of a British woman murdered with a Russian nerve agent & 12 pending indictments of Russian intelligence agents who attacked American democracy when he lashed out at NATO allies & the UK government while simultaneously praising the Kremlin."

Trump will be meeting with Putin in private, with no Americans or U.S. government officials in the room.

In the light of today's indictments, many are insisting Trump must cancel his meeting with Putin.

Take a look:


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