Trump’s ‘Tent City’ for Migrant Children No Longer in Planning Stages – It’s Now Open and Filled


100 Children in 100 Degree Heat Already Housed in US Government Concentration Camp

The Trump administration this week leaked that it was "examining" locations near the U.S. Southern border to possibly build a tent city to house migrant children. President Trump's policy, which was announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in April, demands "zero tolerance" and the separation of migrant children from their undocumented parents, even those seeking asylum.

The so-called "tent city," which in reality is a concentration camp, has already been built and it is open and being used to house at least 100 young children currently. That number is expected to rise to 360.

"The Trump administration has selected Tornillo Land Point of Entry, a crossing point along the Texas-Mexico border near El Paso, as the site of its first temporary shelter for immigrant children separated from their parents under the administration's "zero tolerance" policy, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services spokesperson confirmed Thursday," according to a report Friday in the Texas Star-Telegram.

"The federal government will erect tents at the site to house immigrant children whose parents are facing prosecution for crossing the border illegally. Under the new 'zero tolerance' policy, which U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced in April, thousands of children have been separated from their parents at the border and have quickly filled Texas shelters," the report states.

That's not entirely accurate.

NBC anchor Alejandra Briones posted this video of children and apparently staff arriving on Friday:

Photojournalist Ivan Pierre Aguirre went to Tornillo and took photographs of the migrant youth, and interviewed several protestors outside the concentration camp for children.


The Texas Tribune, which reports there already are 100 children in the Tornillo camp where temperatures are 100 degrees, posted these photos (below) by Ivan Pierre Aguirre to Twitter. In some the children, all boys apparently, are seen marching in single file into a tent.


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