Michelle and Barack Obama Just Shared Their Valentine’s Day Celebration With America and We’re All Crying


'You Make Every Day and Every Place Better'

Throughout his presidency if there was one thing that remained obvious and constant was Barack and Michelle Obama's love for each other – not to mention a shared healthy dose of electricity. Just this week during the unveiling of their official portraits the former president thanked the artist his wife chose to paint her for capturing her "hotness."

Since today is Valentine's Day, and the Obamas continue to be great American role models, they shared their celebration of love with everyone on Twitter – and it seems like everyone is crying.

The former First Lady made a Spotify playlist for her husband – 44 songs, to coincide with him having been the 44th president – and it's getting great reviews. It's titled "Forever Mine."

It features songs from Andra Day, Ben E. King, Etta James, and Beyonce.

Here's a portion of the playlist:


For his part, Barack posted a very sweet tweet (although, Michelle really out did him...)

The couple married in 1992.

Some responses:

Hat tip: Mashable