Adam Rippon Just Smacked Down His Haters and It Was Inspiring, Wise, and Profoundly Awesome


Rippon's Tweet Deserves the Gold

Olympic medal winner Adam Rippon just smacked down his haters and critics on Twitter in a perfectly balanced response.

Rippon, even before the 2018 Winter Olympics began, became a lightning rod for anti-LGBT conservatives when he called out Vice President Mike Pence for his previous support of anti-gay conversion therapy. 

That was a two-week story that transferred over to fellow Olympic athlete Gus Kenworthy, who also said he was not interested in sitting down with the Vice President to discuss LGBT issues, at least not during the Olympic Games.

Clearly, Rippon has drawn a tremendous amount of hate from Trump supporters, the religious right, conservatives, and the anti-gay media.

And he doesn't care.

Tuesday morning Rippon posted this brilliant tweet:

These responses were pretty awesome too:

Image by Andy Miah via Flickr and a CC license



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