Calls Mount for Anti-Gay GOP Lawmaker’s Resignation, Demotion Over Homophobic ‘I’m a Heterosexual’ Remarks


'I Have a Wife, I Love My Wife. I Don't Like Men, as You Might' GOP Lawmaker Says

Calls are growing for the resignation or demotion of an anti-gay Republican state lawmaker who said his Democratic colleague might be gay after being momentarily touched on his suit jacket sleeve during a hearing. Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf on Wednesday called on Republican leaders to demote GOP Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, who has a history of homophobia and anti-gay positions and actions. Democratic lawmakers have called for Metcalfe's resignation.

On Tuesday Metcalfe had chastised Democratic Rep. Matt Bradford, saying, "Look, I'm a heterosexual," during a committee meeting when Bradford touched his jacketed forearm. "I have a wife, I love my wife. I don't like men, as you might. But stop touching me all the time."

"It's like keep your hands to yourself," Metcalfe continued. "Like, if you want to touch somebody, you have people on your side of the aisle that might like it. I don't."

Democratic Rep. Brian Sims, who Metcalfe once attacked for wanting to discuss same-sex marriage on the House floor,  took to Facebook to share his displeasure with the Republican lawmaker.

Governor Wolf issued a strong statement criticizing Metcalfe.

"Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident but part of a disturbing pattern of behavior," Wolf said, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.. "In light of this documented history of discriminatory statements, I urge House leadership to re-examine whether it is appropriate for Rep. Metcalfe to continue controlling the committee that oversees civil rights legislation."

Metcalfe not only is not apologizing, he is fighting back.

"I think it should be offensive to everyone in this state and they should really question whether or not this governor has any principles at all that he would stand on the side of a perpetrator," Metcalfe said. 

He "said Wednesday that he does not think House leaders will seek to remove him from his post as committee chairman," the Inquirer reports, adding he is "saying he feels he has been efficient and effective in that role. He called the governor's remarks a "partisan attack" that he felt were motivated, in part, by the fact that he has been a vocal critic of the governor."

"To try and label people as being sexist, homophobic or racist or whatever they want to use as their label," Metcalfe also said, "the fact is the majority of men in our culture will not want a man who they don't know touching them."

Bradford, who apparently is not gay, is married to a woman and has four children, said: "I have no idea what goes on in his head," the Inquirer notes, "and some days I'm glad for that."

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