The GOP Frontrunner for Alabama’s US Senate Seat Just Called Native Americans and Asians ‘Reds and Yellows’


'Now We've Got Blacks and Whites Fighting, Reds and Yellows Fighting' Says Roy Moore

Roy Moore apparently referred to Native Americans as "reds" and Asians as "yellows" at a campaign event on Sunday. The former Alabama state Supreme Court chief justice who was permanently suspended for undermining the U.S Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling, made his remarks while lecturing supporters on God.

"We were torn apart in the Civil War — brother against brother, north against south, party against party. What's changed?" Moore asks in the video below, as first reported by The Hill

"Now we've got blacks and whites fighting, reds and yellows fighting, Democrats and Republicans fighting, men and women fighting. What's going to unite us? What's going to bring us back together? A President? A Congress? No. It's going to be God."

Moore is ahead of Senator Luther Strange, who has been endorsed by President Donald Trump, in the GOP primary runoff election later this month.

But as NCRM reported last week, Moore is so toxic even in deep red Alabama that some Republicans say they will vote for Democratic candidate Doug Jones. The latest poll shows Jones statistically tied with Moore, within the margin of error.

Moore has repeatedly appeared on the radio show of a Christian pastor who says gay people are "worthy of death."

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