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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Promotes Banned Social Media App That’s Been Called a ‘Magnet for the Alt-Right’



Tucker Carlson Launches in to a Rant Promoting What He Calls ‘Diversity’

Tuesday evening Fox News’ Tucker Carlson talked with the CEO of Gab, helping promote the “free speech” app that has been called “a haven for white nationalists,” and “a magnet for the alt-right and a safe haven for banned Twitter trolls.” 

Gab, which uses as its logo a green frog that’s remarkably similar to Pepe the Frog – which has been co-opted by the so-called “alt-right” as their mascot – has been rejected from Apple’s and Google’s app stores, according to Tech Crunch, for violating hate speech policies – basically for insufficient moderation of hate speech.

Back in March, Mic’s Melanie Ehrenkranz shared her observations of Gab.

When I joined, I found a barrage of Pepe memes, climate change denial, anti-Muslim rhetoric, sexist jokes and comparisons of Black Lives Matter to terrorist groups,” she wrote, noting that the company behind Gab “is now trying to reach young, diverse progressives.”

The community’s whole-hog embrace of xenophobia, hate speech and gleefully offensive humor would surely repel anyone who already feels alienated by Twitter,” she adds.

But as ThinkProgress editor and founder Judd Legum wrote Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson managed to not mention the white nationalist and “alt-right” aspects of Gab.

Gab, Legum writes, “has served as a place of refuge for online racists who get kicked out of more mainstream platforms, including Milo Yiannopoulos, Richard B. Spencer, and Ricky Vaughn.”

Ostensibly, Carlson hosted the site’s founder, Andrew Torba, because the Gab app was removed from the Google Play store. Google said it removed the app because Gab was serving as a vehicle “for content that encourages violence and advocates hate against groups of people.” Apple has never accepted the Gab app.

But Tucker’s segment went far beyond support for “free speech.” At the end of the segment, Carlson encouraged his audience to join Gab, calling it “the alternative.”

Legum also posted a few screenshots from posts on Gab:

And here’s how Gab responded to Legum on Twitter:

Above is a clip of Carlson’s interview with Gab founder Andrew Torba, via Media Matters, which also posted a transcript.

Gab is a ad-free social media platform that operates in a way similar to Twitter,” Tucker Carlson told his Fox News viewers. “It presents itself as a pro-free speech platform so it’s been popular with Milo Yiannopoulos and other figures who have been censored on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites as well people who just believe in free speech.”

“Tech giants can’t abide it though because it’s an uncensored platform so recently Google banned Gab from the Google store, claiming that company was ‘engaging in hate speech’ simply by refusing to censor people who use it.”

Gab founder Torba told Carlson when he founded the company he “believed in free speech for everybody, individual liberty for everybody, and the free flow of information for everybody.”

Which sounds nice, until the 21st century hits you in the face.

Torba calls hate speech policies “arbitrary,” and “stemming right out of Germany and out of the E.U.”

He goes on to complain about getting rejected from the Apple and Google app stores.

Stunningly, Tucker Carlson also launched in to a screed promoting “diversity,” and actually attacking capitalism, saying he’s opposed to monopolies and duopolies. 

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Image: Screenshot via Fox News 

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Preacher Who Suggests He Is Acting Like Christ Laments Government Isn’t Executing LGBTQ People



An Oklahoma Baptist preacher angry the U.S. government isn’t “executing” LGBTQ people and angry hate crime laws are, he claims, prohibiting “violent attitudes toward the f****ts and sodomites,” is also suggesting he is acting like Jesus Christ by name calling.

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Alvarez suggests he is acting like Christ by “calling names.”

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‘Utterly Godawful’ Fox News Reporter Blasted for Using Colin Powell’s COVID Death to Promote Vaccine Disinformation



John Roberts, Fox News‘ co-anchor of “America Reports,” and the right wing network’s former White House correspondent under Presidents Trump, Bush, and Clinton, came under intense fire Monday morning for using the COVID-19 related death of former U.S. Secretary of State and Joint Chiefs Chairman Colin Powell to promote the network’s position of vaccine disinformation.

Fox News has long suggested there was a wall between its daytime “straight news” reporters and their coverage, and its nighttime opinion hosts, but that wall over the past few months has largely disappeared. It is now common for Fox News daytime viewers to be served “reporting” on the opinions of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham.

For that to happen Fox News reporters have had to become mirrors of the disinformation campaigns the network’s nighttime personalities promote.

Like vaccine disinformation.

Vaccine disinformation is “a big reason behind low inoculation rates,” the L.A. Times recently reported.

Fox News aired claims that undermine COVID-19 vaccines on 99% of days in the last six months, according to research by progressive media watchdog group Media Matters for America,” HuffPost reported earlier this month. “Only two days from April through September didn’t feature the sowing of doubt about the safe and effective shots.”

The news of the death of former U.S. Secretary of State and Joint Chiefs Chairman Colin Powell has hit many across the nation hard. Secretary Powell was 84 years old and died of complications from COVID-19, with his family noting he was fully vaccinated.

Powell was also battling “multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer that impacts the body’s ability to fight infections,” and Parkinson’s.

But according to Fox News’ John Roberts, Secretary Powell’s death “raises new concerns about how effective vaccines are long-term,” which is both manipulative and false, given the facts surrounding his health – namely that he was 84 and battling a cancer that impacts the body’s ability to fight infections.

Journalists and many others are blasting Roberts so mercilessly that he ultimately deleted the tweet with no apology or explanation, but here’s a screenshot:




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Former US Secretary of State, Joint Chiefs Chairman Colin Powell Remembered by Those Who Knew Him



Colin Powell, the first Black U.S. Secretary of State, died Monday morning of complications from COVID-19. The former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was 84 and battling a blood cancer that impacts the body’s ability to fight infections, along with Parkinson’s. His family in a statement said he was fully vaccinated.

Powell served under both Republican and Democratic Presidents, including serving as United States National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan.

News of his death has shocked the nation, with many who knew him sharing their memories of the highly-respected diplomat and military leader.

A sampling.

This article will be updated with more reactions throughout the day.


Image by U.S. Department of State via Flickr 

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