‘Snowflakes 😂’: Twitter Busts Out Laughing as Remodeled White House’s New Carpet Revealed


Obama's Ultimate Revenge? ;-)

The White House is effectively closed for two weeks of renovations, work that was approved by the Obama administration years ago but at the last minute held off until a new administration took over. 

The New York Times reports the White House is undergoing a "$3.4 million overhaul that includes replacing the air-conditioning and heating system and installing new cables and wires, fresh paint and new carpets."

The Times adds that the bulk of the work "was initially slated for 2014, but the General Services Administration didn’t deliver a plan for carrying it out until the spring of 2016. Faced with the prospect of a major renovation that could stretch into the fall of 2016, Mr. Obama’s team decided against starting the construction, opting instead to leave it to the next administration."

On Friday reporters were posting photos of the renovations throughout the day.

Bloomberg News White House reporter Jennifer Jacobs tweeted an AP photo of the carpet that is about to be installed in the West Wing.

Buzzfeed's Claudia Koerner was quick to notice the pattern:

As did many others:

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Image by Karen Neoh via Flickr and a CC license