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BREAKING: McConnell Delays Health Care Vote as John McCain Recovers from Surgery



Marks the Second Delay From McConnell 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced tonight that he is delaying the vote on the Republican bill to repeal and “replace” ObamaCare.

The news follows John McCain’s required week of rest after the Arizona Senator underwent surgery for a blood clot on his eye. McCain is recovering from the successful surgery in his Arizona home.

As CNN reported, McConnell “needs the support of 50 of 52 GOP senators to proceed to a floor debate on the bill, and two senators – Susan Collins of Maine and Rand Paul of Kentucky – have already said they will not support that motion.”

“Elaine and I, along with the entire Senate family, wish John the very best and wish him a speedy recovery,” McConnell released in a statement via Twitter:

“While John is recovering,” the statement concluded, “the Senate will continue our work on legislative items and nominations, and will defer consideration of the Better Care Act.” 

This is the second time McConnell has delayed a vote on the matter. 

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‘No Recession’: Economists Elated Over ‘Amazing’ and ‘Perfect’ Jobs Report – Blast Media’s ‘Anti-Biden Narrative’



Cable TV networks and news media outlets grabbed Friday morning’s September jobs numbers and searched for the most grim framing they could find, while actual economists cheered not just the statistics but the overall big picture, looking at both September and how Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell is guiding the economy.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports “employment increased by 263,000 in September, and the unemployment rate edged down to 3.5 percent.”

Economist Justin Wolfers, professor of economics and public policy at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute, and a New York Times contributor explains the numbers.

“Payrolls rose a robust +263k in September, a touch above expectations,” he says on Twitter. “Unemployment down a tick to 3.5%, equal to the lowest level in fifty years. Revisions [to prior months] also positive.”

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“This is an economy that’s still growing nicely. All that recession talk was empty,” Wolfers says.

“If you wanted to write the September script for what a perfect soft landing looked like, you might have drawn up these latest set of jobs numbers with employment growth continuing, but slowing to more sustainable rates, and wage growth running at rates unlikely to spark inflation,” he adds.

Compare the well-respected and well-known economist’s analysis of the monthly jobs report to CNBC’s tweet: “BREAKING: Job growth slowed in September as payrolls rose just 263,000 amid Fed rate hikes.”

Fox Business took a similar tack: “BREAKING: US job growth slows again in September with just 263,000 positions added.”

CBS News: “JUST IN: The Labor Department announced that employers added 263,000 jobs in September — the slowest month of hiring in 18 months.”

Wolfers isn’t the only economist who is excitedly praising the September jobs report.

READ MORE: ‘Were They Hacked?’: NBC Mocked for Saying Experts Are ‘Puzzling’ Over Why COVID Death Rates Higher for Republicans

David Rothschild, an economist at Microsoft Research who has a Ph.D. in applied economics from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania is equally ecstatic.

“Basically the goldilocks of job reports: robust growth shows no recession, but slowing down enough to ease inflation concern,” he tweets.

Rothschild actually blasts The New York Times’ coverage of the jobs report.

“Not wanting to disrupt their anti-Biden narrative, @nytimes somehow makes great job report seem ominous. You can almost taste their disappointment at the healthy jobs report.”

“US now gained 10 million jobs under @JoeBiden, in a solid, sustainable way. Wages continue to grow a higher level in decades, but again in a solid and sustainable way,” he continues.

Rothschild also takes NBC News’ Meet the Press to task.

“Mainstream Media’s determination to stick to their anti-Biden economy sucks narrative, despite objectively *amazing* jobs report showing robust & sustainable job & wage growth which also alleviates inflation fears, is remarkable & terrifying,” he tweets in response to Meet the Press’ tweet. He cc’s Chuck Todd.

Rothchild sums up his remarks with a simple chart.

Image: Official White House Photo by Erin Scott

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DOJ ‘Closing In’ on Trump: Expert Says Bombshell NYT Report Suggests Indictments Are Likely to ‘Start Flying’



On CNN Thursday, retired Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe reacted to the news that the Justice Department believes former President Donald Trump is hoarding more documents on his property — a development that experts believe is a sign prosecutors are seriously weighing charges against the former president.

“What do you think where the Justice Department might be headed?” asked anchor Anderson Cooper.

“It certainly suggests the Justice Department is closing in on indicting Donald Trump,” said Tribe. “Not simply for basically stealing top secret documents from the White House and secreting them in various locations … but also for violating the Espionage Act and, based on this recent reporting, obstruction of justice.”

Specifically, Tribe argued, the DOJ has evidence Trump is obstructing both a “national security inquiry” and a “criminal investigation.” “There are people whose lives are at stake if their identity has been revealed in some of these top secret documents, which clearly were marked ‘human resource.’ They were marked to indicate that they would reveal the identity or location of, basically, American spies abroad. They were marked signals intelligence. So this is very serious. And what I take these recent revelations to mean is that shortly after the midterm elections, indictments are likely to start flying.”

“You believe that the Department of Justice might actually indict the former president?” Cooper pressed him.

“I believe that it might well indict the former president for obstruction, for espionage,” said Tribe. “This is all quite apart from the possible indictment for seditious conspiracy and insurrection. I mean, it’s as though he is building a moat around Mar-a-Lago and then trying to swim in it himself. Basically, with every stroke he takes, with every move he makes, he is digging himself a deeper, deeper pit … his lawyers must be absolutely beside themselves because he makes matters worse. He says ‘I want my documents back.’ He brags about having taken them himself. Then he says the General Services Administration packed the boxes, but they deny it. You almost expect him to say my dog packed the boxes, except we know he doesn’t have a dog.”

Watch below:


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‘Were They Hacked?’: NBC Mocked for Saying Experts Are ‘Puzzling’ Over Why COVID Death Rates Higher for Republicans



“Covid deaths are unevenly distributed among Republicans and Democrats, but experts are still puzzling over why these differences exist,” tweeted NBC Politics, part of NBC News, on Thursday, with their article claiming the “reason is up for debate.”

“Lower vaccination rates among Republicans could explain the partisan gap, but some researchers say mask use and social distancing were bigger factors,” the article states.

The NBC News report adds that once vaccines were widely available in the U.S. (thanks to President Biden, although it does not make that claim,) “the partisan gap in the deaths widened between April and December 2021, after all adults became eligible for Covid vaccines.”

“Excess death rates in Florida and Ohio were 153% higher among Republicans than Democrats during that time,” the report reveals.

“Average excess death rates in Florida and Ohio were 76% higher among Republicans than Democrats between March 2020 and December 2021, according to a working paper released last month by the National Bureau of Economic Research,” the article notes, adding: “A study in June published in Health Affairs similarly found that counties with a Republican majority had a greater share of Covid deaths through October 2021, relative to majority-Democratic counties.”

The easy answer is getting vaccinated and boosted is critical to reducing COVID deaths, as is social distancing.

It’s so easy that NBC is being mocked for appearing to try to create some clickable mystery around the reports.

Healthcare policy data analyst Charles Gaba offered some insight, and commentary.

“Why yes this is totally puzzling if you ignore every single thing we know about infectious disease prevention,” tweeted public relations and political strategist Cliff Schecter.

“If those people are still ‘puzzling,’ they’re probably not actually experts,” snarked Miranda Yaver, PhD, a political science professor at Wheaton whose work includes public policy and health policy.

David Simon, the well-known author, journalist, screenwriter, and producer offered this colorful response: “Masks, social distancing, vaccinations: Debate how much of each factors into the carnage, but know that in all respects, the Republic National Committee deserves the Darwin Award for a pile of unnecessary dead. You shitbirds politicized a public health crisis and killed your own.”

“I’m just spitballing here but it might be because one of the parties has become an anti-science conspiracy theory cult perpetually undermining public health messaging,” responded freelance reporter Karl Bode.

“Good grief,” snarked Jim Wright, a retired US military intelligence officer and freelance writer. “Did NBC actually write that tweet or were they hacked?”

Mathematician Keith Devlin offered his scientific analysis: “Experts are NOT puzzling over this. I’m a Ph.D. credentialed expert in logical thought. The @GOP leadership TOLD their voters not to protect themselves, and Republican voters tend heavily towards the gullible end of the spectrum (because you have to be gullible to vote GOP).”

Author Patrick S. Tomlinson served up this descriptive response: “Are they? Are they ‘puzzling’ over the differences between people who believed in science, wore masks, got vaccinated, and those who had sweaty ‘Owning the Libs’ orgies in every suburban Red Lobster and Texas Roadhouse during a global pandemic?”

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