House Oversight Chair Jason Chaffetz Announces Resignation From Congress


Last Day June 30 

Republican House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz has just announced he is officially resigning from Congress and will not finish his term. Chairman Chaffetz will serve until June 30. He has not announced his future plans.

Chaffetz spent years conducting investigations into Benghazi, designed to attack Hillary Clinton, but has bristled at providing the most basic oversight of President Donald Trump. Even after the 2016 election Chaffetz vowed to continue investigations into Clinton. 

Just this morning the Utah Republican appeared on NBC's "Today" show to protect President Trump. He attacked the Obama administration, wrongly, for General Mike Flynn's security clearance and took nearly two minutes to barely agree that perhaps the Trump administration should not have hired Flynn in the first place, "knowing what we know now." But what we know now was wholly known by the Trump team when the president offered him the role of National Security Adviser.

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