This Video of Trump Ignoring Request to Shake Merkel’s Hand


On Social Media, Everyone Seems to Be Talking About This

Donald Trump has attacked German Chancellor Angela Merkel many times. He's claimed she made a "catastrophic mistake" by "taking in all those illegals," referring to Syrian refugees Merkel invited into her country (hence, not "illegals.") So many were prepared for a chilly exchange Friday when Merkel came to visit Trump at the White House, and they were not disappointed.

The President met the Chancellor at the front door of the White House, a generous gesture, but that was as far as his warmth extended. When asked in an Oval Office photo op if he would shake hands for reporters, as is customary, President Trump seemed to ignore the question and the press left the room.

On social media, everyone seemed to be talking about it:

Also, a good deal of mockery of Trump: