Breaking: Michigan Attorney General Asks State Supreme Court to Block Recount to Protect Voters’ ‘Voice’


AG Calls Ensuring Vote's Accuracy 'A Risky Threat to MI Taxpayers'

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has just filed an emergency appeal with the state Supreme Court, urging it block Jill Stein's recount of votes cast in the November presidential election. Schuette is bypassing the state appellate court, he says, "to ensure a timely process."

In a series of tweets Friday morning the Michigan Republican calls recount efforts "a risky threat" that could result in voters losing their "voice." It's unclear how ensuring the accuracy of the vote's initial results could lead to voters losing their voice - it would seem a recount would ensure all votes matter.

Meanwhile, attorneys for Donald Trump right now are arguing to block the recount before the Michigan Board of Canvassers:

In Pennsylvania, Trump's attorneys are using the court system to try to block the recount in that state.

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Image via Michigan Attorney General

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