After Insisting for Months Election Is ‘Rigged’ Trump Now Using Courts to Try to Block Recounts


'People Are Going to Walk in and They're Going to Vote 10 Times, Maybe, Who Knows?' Trump Said in August

After spending a significant portion of the 2016 presidential campaign insisting the election is "rigged," and alleging massive voter fraud well before Election Day, Donald Trump is now deploying his legal team to two states, using the court system in an attempt to block recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

"November 8, we'd better be careful, because that election is going to be rigged," Trump told Ohio supporters on August 1. "People are going to walk in and they're going to vote 10 times, maybe, who knows?"

"I'm telling you, November 8, we better be careful because that election is going to be rigged and I hope the Republicans are watching closely, or it's going to be taken away from us," candidate Trump told Fox News' Sean Hannity later that evening, as PolitiFact observed.

ABC News in October reported Trump told supporters during just one weekend the election is rigged "more than 20 times":

But right now, lawyers for Trump are in court, insisting Green Party leader Jill Stein's perfectly legal recount effort in Pennsylvania should be stopped dead, Politico reports.

"There is no evidence -- or even an allegation -- that any tampering with Pennsylvania's voting systems actually occurred," Trump's court complaint states.

In Michigan, Trump's attorneys are calling Stein's recount efforts a "farce" that will trigger "constitutional chaos," and "lawless, insulting," as The Huffington Post reports.

"Simply put, Michigan should not grant this lawless, insulting request," the complaint, filed with the Michigan Board of State Canvassers, states, "and its voters should not risk having the Electoral College door knocked off its hinges, all because a 1-percent candidate is dissatisfied with the election's outcome," Trump's lawyers say, referring to Stein.

Trump attorneys describe Stein in the Michigan document as a "bottom-dwelling candidate."

Meanwhile, the most recent election tally shows Hillary Clinton beat Trump by more than 2.5 million votes.  

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