Secret Service to Pay Trump Millions Annually to Lease 2 Floors at Trump Tower


Trump Stands to Make a Fortune From His Own Protection

The U.S. Secret Service is expected to lease two full floors at New York City's Trump Tower to protect the incoming president and is family. One floor is currently empty, the second currently houses Trump's campaign HQ. The cost to taxpayers for the real estate rental will be $3 million each year, the New York Post reports.

It's a windfall for Trump, who has seen "seen a nearly 40 percent rate slash for sales and rentals of residential units in the past year, according to a recent article in The Hollywood Reporter." Trump Tower also has an increasingly low occupancy rate, about 15 percent. Residents are trying to pull out for various reason, including that they don't want the hassle of living with Secret Service agents combing the building and heavily militarized New York City Police officers protecting the building also.

New York City taxpayers are reportedly paying more than $1 million a day to help secure what has become the Fifth Avenue fortress.

The Trump campaign leased one floor in Trump Tower, earning Trump $169,000 a month.


Image by Chris Breeze via Flickr and a CC license

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