Twitter Deeply Disturbed Over Trump’s Speech That Barely Tried to Hide Its Anti-Semitism and Fascism


An Unleashed and Unhinged Trump Threaded His Denial Accusations of Sexual Assault With Even Darker, Uglier Rhetoric

Donald Trump delivered one of the most disturbing and fiery speeches of his entire campaign Thursday afternoon to cheering supporters in Florida that was, as many on Twitter noticed, threaded with anti-Semitism, fascism, and sexism.

The billionaire international businessman denied all claims made against him by a dozen women since Wednesday, accusing him of sexual assault or inappropriate behavior. He vowed to win the White House because he, and only he, can fix the nation's woes. 

Trump also attacked the "corporate media":

And to the crowd's chants of "Lock her up!" Trump said Clinton "should be locked up."

The Atlantic's Senior Editor tweeted this disturbing section of Trump's speech:

Some responses:

And elsewhere on Twitter, many responded to the fascism and anti-Semitism that was threaded into Trump's speech: 


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