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WATCH: GOP Congressman Says Tax Dollars Should Only Promote The ‘Natural Family’



Steve King Says Studies Proving Children Do at Least as Well With Same-Sex Parents Just as Fraudulent as Those That Say Climate Change Is Real

Republican U.S. Congressman Steve King says tax dollars that would be allocated for a President Donald Trump’s child care plan should only go to different-sex couples, preferably those who have been united in “holy matrimony.” Trump Tuesday night unveiled a plan to increase child care funding by the federal government, one that vastly rewards the wealthy and may rob other safety net programs to do so.  

“I want to respect all people but I want to promote the natural family,” Rep. King told CNN’s Chris Cuomo Wednesday morning. “I think that’s the most wholesome thing that we can do,” he said on “New Day.”

Asked what is “the natural family,” King responded, “The natural family is a man and woman joined together hopefully in holy matrimony blessed by God with children.” That would leave out same-sex couples entirely, and anyone not married in a religious ceremony. 

King, a powerful conservative from Iowa, went on to suggest Americans – and presumably Christians in America – need to start making more babies to ensure Muslims don’t overtake America, as conservatives say is happening in Europe. This is a core tenet of the radical religious right, something people like NOM co-founder Maggie Gallagher once promoted, called “Demographic Winter.”

“The proposal about supporting mothers and fathers and families and encouraging more babies in this country, that is good,” King continued telling Chris Cuomo. “Anything he might do with this, I would encourage him to promote the expansion of families because if we don’t have more babies than we have funerals, we’re going to end up like Europe. And we’ll be in a situation where we’re importing a counter culture that may be alien to the values of the American way of life.” 

Cuomo then noted that studies prove children raised by same-sex parents do at least as well as those raised by different-sex parents.

“We know that what works is loving the kid, giving them the attention, giving them the time,” Cuomo told King. “There is no reason to believe that you have to have a man and woman to do that.” 

“Why not encourage anything that gets a child loved and provided for?” the CNN host added.

Mocking 74 reputable studies that prove children raised by same-sex parents do at least as well as children raised in a “natural family,” King said he would “need to look a little further into some of that research.”

“You know we got down to the global warming argument,” he continued, almost laughing, “and found out there was another side to that equation too,” King said. 

Of course, King is grotesquely wrong on both fronts. Out of 78 studies on same-sex parenting, 74 prove there’s effectively no difference between same-sex parents and different-sex parents. And, as NASA notes, “97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree: Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities.” 

Watch Congressman King’s interview on CNN:

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Trump to Announce Billions in Aid To Puerto Rico in Desperate Attempt to Win Florida



President Donald Trump on Friday will announce a multi-billion dollar federal aid package for Puerto Rico, with most of the funds to be used to rebuild the U.S. territory’s power grid, devastated by hurricanes that attack the island every year.

The desperately needed assistance comes after Trump has spent his entire tenure in office attacking Puerto Rico, its leaders, and complaining repeatedly about congressionally-approved funds for the overlooked island. Recently it was revealed he wanted to sell Puerto Rico, after the 2017 Hurricane Maria that took the lives of 3059 people, and did nearly $92 billion in damage.

CBS News’ David Begnaud broke the story:

Trump has fought giving assistance to Puerto Rico, and called it “one of the most corrupt places on earth.”

He denied the death toll from Hurricane Maria, which in large part came from his mismanagement of the crisis. Some have said his performance then was a precursor of his disastrous performance with the coronavirus pandemic.

Others note the announcement comes just weeks before the presidential election, and see it as an attempt to win Florida. Many Puerto Ricans moved to Florida after Hurricane Maria. Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens but do not have the right to vote. Those who moved to Florida do, after changing their residence.

They likely will not forget his visit in October of 2017, when he threw rolls of paper towels to Puerto Ricans in need at a disaster relief distribution center near San Juan.

The amount of federal funds appears to be in flux, with Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer saying the White House agreed to nearly $10 billion, and the Governor of Puerto Rico, Wanda Vázquez Garced, saying $13 billion. There are multiple aid packages which could account for the different amounts.


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‘We’re Screwed’: New Details Emerge About Jared Kushner’s Refusal to Help Battle COVID-19



Jared Kushner resisted taking a role in fighting the coronavirus pandemic from the very beginning, according to a new report about the White House response.

A bipartisan group of heavy hitters and business leaders met March 20 at the Federal Emergency Management Agency to discuss how to make and distribute personal protective equipment, and certain government officials urged them to return the next day to meet with President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior White House adviser, reported Vanity Fair.

“The federal government is not going to lead this response,” Kushner told the group at the start of the meeting, seated in a chair taller than the others around the conference table. “It’s up to the states to figure out what they want to do.”

Kushner had formed a “shadow task force” that ran parallel to one led by Vice President Mike Pence, and private sector representatives had pledged to produce PPEs if the federal government promised to buy them, and they wanted the president to invoke the Defense Production Act to make that happen quickly.

“We were all saying, ‘Mr. Kushner, if you want to fix this problem for PPE and ventilators, there’s a path to do it, but you have to make a policy change,’” recalled one person who attended the meeting.

Kushner got “very aggressive” and insisted they didn’t understand how government worked as well as he did, although that attendee said his arguments “made no sense.”

“It felt like Kushner was the president,” that person said. “He sat in the chair and he was clearly making the decisions.”

One attendee told Kushner that Americans were bidding against each other for the limited supply of PPE, and that person explained that businesses that wanted to help were looking for leadership from the federal government.

“Free markets will solve this,” Kushner replied. “That is not the role of government.”

That same person agreed that open markets could solve many problems, but he said the system was breaking under the crisis, pointing to a CNN report about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s desperation for supplies.

“That’s the CNN bullsh*t,” Kushner told that person. “They lie.”

Another attendee said that prompted a rant by Kushner against the Democratic governor.

“Cuomo didn’t pound the phones hard enough to get PPE for his state,” Kushner said. “His people are going to suffer and that’s their problem.”

Other attendees were shocked and alarmed.

“That’s when I was like, we’re screwed,” an attendee said.



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Biden Slams Trump: If the President Had Any Confidence He Was Likely to Win the Election He Wouldn’t Be Doing This



Former Vice President Joe Biden slammed President Donald Trump in a CNN town hall Thursday night.

“The president just this morning,” CNN’s Anderson Cooper told Biden, “tweeted that the results from the November election ‘may never be accurately determined.’ Given everything that we’ve been hearing from the president I’m wondering what you expect the days and weeks after the election to look like.”

“Look,” Biden responded, “if the president had even remote confidence he was likely to win the election he wouldn’t be doing this.”

“Remember,” Biden continued, “I said some months ago, I predict the president is going to try to move the election date. Everybody said he’d never do that. Guess what, he suggested maybe we should move the election date, postpone the election.”

“I mean,” Biden concluded, after slamming the postmaster general, “it’s just, it’s all about trying to de legitimize the effort.”


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