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Pat McCrory Holds Press Conference on Keith Scott Shooting, Doesn’t Mention Keith Scott



McCrory Tried to Troll Mainstream Media, Mainstream Media Instead Trolls McCrory

Governor Pat McCrory held a press conference Friday afternoon about the shooting death by Charlotte police of a 43-year old father of seven, Keith Lamont Scott, and did not mention Keith Lamont Scott by name once during the 26-minute event. McCrory held his press conference almost exactly 72 hours after Scott was shot to death by police, and over one hour after NBC News disturbing aired video taken by Scott’s wife of his killing. 

The North Carolina Republican who is running for re-election seemed to want to troll the mainstream media and began the press conference by scolding them, spending several minutes discussing flooding in the northern part of the state. McCrory insisted that if the media weren’t camped out in Charlotte they would be covering the flooding as a national news story. He then praised and applauded first responders, bragging how they gave him a blue shirt:

As McCrory continued, he began praising law enforcement officers – not citizens – for maintaining order during Thursday night’s peaceful protests, calling those who caused damage or harm the previous two nights outside agitators, claiming some were from out of state, and insisting they were anarchists.

“There are groups from out-of-state that want to cause anarchy. This state, this governor and Charlotte will not tolerate those individuals who want to cause harm to our basic society norms,” McCrory said. “I appreciate those citizens stepping in and saying, ‘this is not the best in America.’”

“Thank you very much to National Guard. I saw people hugging, them hugging back,” McCrory continued. “The best in America that we saw. We saw the best of Charlotte in tense situations, where we had community leaders and members of the clergy step in between the Guard and people who didn’t want to have a peaceful situation.”

As it became clear he was not going to discuss the actual shooting or death of Keith Lamont Scott, CBS News online began posting split-screen images from the video taken by Rakeyia Scott, the wife of Keith Scott, and Gov. McCrory.


They also posted images of the protests, and even of one man apparently trying to clean tear gas from his eyes.


All this as McCrory praised Charlotte police officers for their efforts.

At one point, McCrory even offered sympathy and support to the police, noting what a challenging week this has been for them – not for the Scott family.

Not once did McCrory mention Keith Lamont Scott, Rakeyia Scott, or their seven children.

Not once.

He did try to insist the police video, which Charlotte police chief Kerr Putney refuses to release to the public, should not be released. McCrory signed a law, effective October 1, that makes it illegal for such videos to be released unless ordered by a judge.

On Twitter McCrory tweeted how he took time to meet with a rescue team, who valiantly save 87 people – certainly commendable, and nothing should take away from their bravery or selflessness. But Gov. McCrory has not met with or even contacted the Scott family.

On Twitter, many expressed outrage over McCrory’s tone-deafness:

Here’s the full video of McCrory’s press conference, if you care to watch: 


Images: Screenshots via CBS News

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Republicans Force Another Biden Nominee – Another Woman – to Withdraw, After Calling Her a ‘Communist’



Move Exposes Large Number of Women GOP Refuses to Confirm

Yet another of President Joe Biden‘s nominees – and yet another woman opposed by Senate Republicans – has been forced to withdraw her name from consideration for a top job in the Biden administration. Unsurprisingly, Senate Republicans are holding up a huge number of nominations, and unsurprisingly, a huge number of them are women.

“Saule Omarova, a Cornell Law professor whom President Biden picked for a key banking regulator job, is withdrawing from consideration for the post. Bank lobbyists and Republicans painted her as a communist because she was born in the Soviet Union,” The New York Times reported Tuesday afternoon via tweet.

Omarova is not a communist, as she was forced to tell Republican U.S. Senator John Kennedy, who told her during her confirmation hearing last month, “I don’t know whether to call you professor or comrade.”

The decision to pull Omarova’s nomination has exposed the Republicans’ tactics of slow-walking and worse, placing anonymous holds on countless Biden nominees.

President Biden is facing a huge hole in his administration, in large part thanks to Republicans.

According to the non-partisan Partnership for Public Service, which tracks 803 federal government executive branch positions requiring Senate confirmation, 235 nominations – nearly three in ten (29%) – are sitting in the Senate awaiting confirmation. Just 194 have been confirmed (164 positions have no nominees at all.)

Compared to his last three predecessors, President Biden is not getting the support he needs in the 50-50 Senate, as this chart from the Partnership for Public Service shows:

Any U.S. Senator can secretly place an anonymous hold on any presidential nominee, for any length of time, and Republicans – reportedly often Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Josh Hawley on Minnesota – have been taking extreme advantage of that rule.

Half of all of President Biden’s approved nominees have been women, but other women have been forced to withdraw, most notably Neera Tanden, whom President Biden nominated to be Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Tanden and Omarova are far from the only women whose nominations may never get a vote.

“At least 21 women for top positions” in just the State Dept., The Hill reported last month, “including 16 ambassadors, four assistant secretary positions and the nominee for Director General of the Foreign Service — are having their confirmations stalled by holds.”

Just today Bloomberg Government reported Senate Republicans have placed a “blockade” on “dozens of key defense and foreign policy positions.”

Omarova was the victim of a concerted red-baiting effort by Republicans, lobbyists, and right wing media.

“Some lobbyists, including the incoming chairman of a group representing community bankers and the chief executive of another group that focuses on big banks,” The New York Times observes, “also shared a Wall Street Journal editorial suggesting that Ms. Omarova’s Soviet childhood meant that she could not be trusted.”





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Jan. 6 Committee Files Subpoenas for Phone Records of Over 100 People Including Many Trump Associates



The House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack has officially issued subpoenas to wireless companies for the phone records of over 100 people, a “substantial” number of them Trump associates, in an effort to piece together the actions of Donald Trump and his inner circle on the day of the violent insurrection.

The records do not include actual voice or text content, but rather who called or texted whom, when, for how long, CNN reports, and possibly from where.

Included in the massive list is Mark Meadows, the former Trump White House chief of staff.

The data should give the Committee “the ability to draw a web of communications before, during and after the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.”

CNN adds that one subpoena it reviewed “requests ‘all call, message, Internet Protocol and data connection detail records associated with the phone number’ from November 1, 2020 through January 31, 2021. The letter also asks for information related to phone numbers, IP addresses and devices that the account in question has communicated with.”


This is a breaking news and developing story. 

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Watch: MAGA Congressional Candidate Calls for All Laws ‘Contrary to God’s Word’ to Be Overturned



Mark Burns, a MAGA pastor who is running for Congress in South Carolina, is an unabashed Christian nationalist who openly declares that “any policy that is contrary to the word of God” needs to be made illegal.

Burns appeared on the Real America’s Voice program “The Water Cooler” Monday, where he proclaimed that “the gospel of Jesus Christ should be [at] the center of American politics.” When asked by host David Brody what he meant by that, Burns declared that “any law that is against the word of God” must be overturned.

“Laws that are contrary to God’s word that are actively legal or laws today need to be overturned,” Burns said. “Any law that is against the word of God, that is clearly against what God has said in his word—in a nation that is a Christian nation, a nation that has the majority of citizens who actively believe that Jesus is the Messiah, that he is coming back again with omnipotent power in his hands—if it’s against the word of God and it’s actively a law today, then it should be overturned. We should have a moral compass, and right now in America, we’re losing that moral compass. The liberal left is slowly [chipping] away.”

Burns was a proponent of the movement to keep former President Donald Trump in power. He has made numerous calls for war, including on the eve of the Capitol insurrection when he riled up Trump loyalists at a Stop the Steal rally by telling them, “We’re ready to do war!”


This article was originally published by Right Wing Watch and is published here by permission.

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