Charlotte Chamber Shamefully Calls On City Council To Repeal LGBT Protections


Business Community Shows Its True Colors By Supporting Fake "Compromise" On HB2

The business community has emerged as a key supporter of LGBT equality in recent years — helping to defeat discriminatory legislation in numerous states — but apparently that doesn't mean they're always looking out for our best interests. 

Take, for example, Charlotte, where the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce is calling on the City Council to repeal its nondiscrimination ordinance. 

In a column published Sunday by The Charlotte Observer, Ned Curran encourages the council to take up Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and GOP legislative leaders on their proposed so-called compromise: If the city rescinds the nondiscrimination ordinance, the General Assembly will meet in special session to repeal the anti-LGBT House Bill 2, which was passed in response to the ordinance. 

"This is simply an opportunity for all sides to say there have been grave, unintended consequences resulting from their prior parliamentary actions," Curran writes. 

Clearly, the chamber is concerned about economic backlash over HB2, including most recently decisions by the NCAA and ACC to move future championships of North Carolina. And the chamber isn't the only business group calling on the City Council to accept the deal: The North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association reportedly brokered the compromise

But here's the thing: The economic backlash wasn't caused by Charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance; it was caused by HB2. So why not address the real source of the problem? The ordinance outlawed anti-LGBT discrimination, and HB2 re-legalized it. If both are repealed, LGBT discrimination will remain legal in Charlotte.  

It's truly disturbing to think that while the business community and the corporate sector generally support LGBT rights, they'll be quick to stick a knife in our back to preserve their short-term financial interests. 

With friends like these, who needs enemies? 

Image by Julia Sims via Twitter



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