‘Staff Suicidal’: Is Donald About to Implode? Reporters Reveal Chaos, Crisis Inside Trump Camp


Veteran Political Reporters Tweets Show a Campaign in Crisis

Political reporters following Donald Trump increasingly have been sharing the inner workings of the disorganized, unplanned, poorly-funded Republican nominee's campaign, and now they're painting a picture of a candidate about to destroy his White House bid, and perhaps his team in the process.

CNBC and New York Times reporter John Harwood Tuesday night posted this stunning revelation to Twitter, in which he says someone close to Trump's campaign manager characterizes to staff as "suicidal":

Harwood in the video above details the Trump campaign crisis.

NBC News reporter Ali Vitali corroborates Harwood's reporting:

CNN's Brian Stelter says, "Trump campaign right now? Seems like it's leaking like a sieve":

Stelter doubled down on his comments:

Reports are so widespread Trump was  forced to acknowledge them and push back - at 5:14 AM EDT today:


Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license

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