NC Republicans Take Time Off From Patrolling Bathrooms to Embarrass The Hell Out of Themselves


State Republicans Attack Democrat Tim Kaine for Wearing Blue Star Service Pin

The North Carolina Republican Party, the same people who brought the Tar Heel State the grossly anti-LGBT and unconstitutional law HB2, Wednesday night attacked Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine for wearing a lapel pin of the flag of Honduras, but no American flag pin.

"[email protected] wears a Honduras flag pin on his jacket but no American flag. Shameful," the Party posted on Twitter:


The problem is Tim Kaine was not wearing a pin of the flag of Honduras at all, but, as WNYT reporter Ben Amey pointed out to them, he was wearing a Blue Star Service pin, in honor of his son who deployed this week as a Marine.

Kaine mentioned his son being deployed several times during his speech at the Democratic National Convention.

The North Carolina Republicans deleted their tweet and thanked Amey - without apologizing to Senator Kaine.

They've yet to delete HB2 and apologize to America for that "mistake."

Response on social media was swift. Here a few comments from the NC GOP's Facebook page on the photo above:


 And on Twitter:


Hat tip: The Hill
Image via Facebook


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