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Houston Gunman A Trump Supporter, Railed Against ‘Homosexuals’ During Sunday’s Rampage



Army Vet Fired 212 Shots, Also Attacked Muslims, GOP Establishment on Twitter

The gunman who went on a shooting spree Sunday morning in Houston, leaving one dead and six injured, was a supporter of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. He railed against homosexuals and Jews during the rampage, before he was killed by police.

Dionisio Garza III, 25, also recently expressed anti-Muslim sentiments on Twitter, and repeatedly criticized House Speaker Paul Ryan and the GOP establishment. 

Garza, a decorated Army sergeant who served two tours in Afghanistan, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and was going through “a mental health crisis,” according to media reports. Garza fired 212 rounds in a middle-class west Houston neighborhood, injuring two law enforcement officers and setting a gas station on fire, before being killed by a SWAT team member. 

According to The Houston Chronicle, the spree began when Garza walked up to 56-year-old Eugene Lipscomb, who was sitting in his vehicle at a car wash, and called him “the devil” before fatally shooting him in the head with a pistol. 

Garza then told the owners of the car wash: “Y’all calm down. I’m not going to kill y’all, y’all are Christians.” 

As he retreated before returning with an AR-15 assault rifle, Garza was screaming about Jews, homosexuals and Walmart, according to the Chronicle. 

Garza, who’d traveled to Houston from his home in California to visit a friend, broke into a nearby tire shop and slept there the night before the shooting, leaving random writings on paper taped to the walls. Police haven’t disclosed the contents of the writings but say they don’t believe the shooting was a hate crime. 

Back in February, Garza tweeted to Trump, “I’ve told everyone since August u will be President of this great nation. On the eve of your first votes I thank you. -vet.” 

Last August, after NBC cut ties with Trump over his hateful comments concerning Mexican immigrants, Garza tweeted, “get them Mr .Trump… bunch of liars and puppets. I am an army vet 2 deployments..I stand with U.”

Last month, after being elected London’s first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan wrote on Twitter: “Trump’s ignorant view of Islam could make both our countries less safe. It risks alienating mainstream Muslims. London has proved him wrong.” 

Garza responded: “We are too smart for your (expletive,)” Garza said. “USA baby … sorry Europe.”


Image via Facebook
Video: USA Today


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Senior Trump Campaign Advisor and Top Fundraising Official Kimberly Guilfoyle Tests Positive for Coronavirus: Reports



Trump campaign senior advisor Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former Fox News host who is also the campaign’s top fundraising official, has reportedly tested positive for coronavirus.

Guilfoyle was tested while in South Dakota, where President Donald Trump is right now, about to preside over a Fourth of July fireworks show at Mt. Rushmore.

ABC News Senior Editorial Producer John Santucci posted the news to Twitter:

The New York Times also reported Guilfoyle’s test result, and noted she is “the girlfriend of President Trump’s eldest son,” Donald Trump, Jr.

“Ms. Guilfoyle traveled to South Dakota with Mr. Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr., in anticipation of attending a huge fireworks display where the president was set to speak.”

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‘Spawned,’ ‘Seeded,’ and ‘Spread’: Trump Official Spins Out-of-Control Anti-China Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory



Trump White House Trade advisor Peter Navarro used the long Independence Day weekend to spin a fantastical conspiracy theory that directly blames China for creating the deadly coronavirus, then sending “hundreds of thousands” of its people to the U.S. to infect and ultimately kill Americans.

“It is the Chinese Communist Party that is making us stay locked in our homes and lose our jobs,” Navarro, the author of the 2011 book, Death by China, told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Friday afternoon.

“They spawned the virus. They hid the virus. They sent hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals over here to seed and spread the virus before we knew,” he continued, refusing to respond to Velshi’s questions.

“So, ah, the dateline is November. They spawned the virus, probably came out of the biological lab. For two months, they hid the virus from the world and the possibility of a pandemic, behind the shield of the World ‘Health’ Organization. While they did that, they vacuumed up the world’s protective equipment, including two billion masks, and,” said Navarro, plowing through Velshi who repeatedly asked if China did this deliberately.

“Here’s the point. While they were preventing any domestic travels from Wuhan to Beijing or Shanghai, locking down their transportation network, they freely sent hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals on aircraft to go around the world.”

“They deliberately allowed Chinese nationals to come to the United States, Italy, and everywhere in between, who were infected, while they were locking down their own transportation network.”

“Let’s be careful and clear with the words,” Navarro said, very carefully and deliberately gaslighting viewers. “What they did, during this period of time when they knew there was a pandemic, they didn’t allow their people to travel inside of China, they allowed people inside of china who were likely infected to go around the world.”



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‘Groucho? Harpo? Chico?’: Matt Schlapp Mocked for Claim This May Be Final 4th of July Before ‘Marxists’ Take Over US



Far right wing lobbyist, Fox News contributor, Trump campaign surrogate, and provocateur Matt Schlapp is being mocked after claiming Marxists are taking over the country and warning that as a result, Saturday may be America’s final Fourth of July.

Schlapp apparently was forced to use a photo of umbrella-holding protestors fleeing what looks like tear gas, with one particularly patriotic young man donning an American flag face mask while holding up a rather large American flag.

“This Saturday, if the Marxist leaders have their way, we will celebrate #IndependenceDay for the last time as a free people,” Schlapp tweeted. “Now is the time to stand up for your country. And even more importantly, pray that the Great American Experiment survives their assault.”

At first glance, perhaps, some likely would assume the image is of Black Lives Matter activists at a George Floyd racial justice protest.

But as Vox co-founder Matt Yglesias pointed out, the photo is of protestors in Hong Kong, a region currently engaged in its own fight for freedom.

(The photo is from the Associated Press, and can be seen in this Voice of America article)

Schlapp, whose wife is a Trump campaign advisor, was double mocked – for the photo, and for the “American” protestors.

(The right recently has been labeling Black Lives Matter as “Marxist,” citing the reported beliefs of one of its co-founders, intentionally ignoring that the millions who are marching against police killings and for racial justice are not.)

Schlapp, by the way, is the chairman of the American Conservative Union, the company that hosts the annual right wing Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Several companies have recently dropped Schlapp over his comments about the George Floyd protests. Among them, these:

Here’s how some are responding to Schlapp:


Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license

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