Watch: Roy Moore and Lawyer Blame ‘Atheists, Homosexuals’ and ‘Admitted Transvestite’ for Legal Woes


Anti-Gay Alabama Chief Justice Responds to SPLC Complaint Over Direction to Not Issue Marriage Licenses to Same-Sex Couples

On Wednesday Liberty Counsel founder and CEO Mat Staver stood before the cameras and droned on in support of his client, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. Moore is under attack by the Southern Poverty Law Center and others for his actions surrounding the Supreme Court's marriage decision and his instructions to Alabama magistrates to not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The SPLC filed a complaint.

Staver, and later at the podium, Moore claimed the complaint was "politically motivated." At stake: whether or not the complaint leads to official ethics charges by the Judicial Inquiry Commission of Alabama.

But it was their other language and attacks that were especially revealing and offensive.

Staver referred to one of the people who filed the complaint against Moore as an "admitted transvestite."

Moore slammed his critics as "atheists, homosexuals and transgender individuals." At one point he referred to a trans woman as "her," but "corrected" himself, calling her, "him."

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At another point, Moore said "transsexualism is a known mental illness," or was, until 2013, and suggested it still should be classified as such.

"We're in a serious time in our country," Moore told the few reporters who attended his press conference. "We are at a time in our country when people who just a few years ago would have been ascribed a mental illness, a mental disorder. When I started in 2013, if that would have happened then, this person and the people around her... would have been said to have a mental disorder... Today that person is violating and has violated a court order and is now bringing complaints against the Chief Justice."

Moore claims that despite publishing an order directing Alabama magistrates to not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, "There is nothing in writing that you will find that I told anybody to disobey a federal court order. That's not what I said."

That will be for Judicial Inquiry Commission of Alabama to decide.




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