Pat McCrory Gets 185,000 Petitions Calling for HB2 Repeal – Calls It a ‘National Smear Campaign’


North Carolina Governor Tries to Discount Growing Movement Against His Anti-LGBT Law

Several LGBT and civil rights groups joined together today to protest North Carolina's anti-LGBT law HB2, and present Gov. Pat McCrory with their more than 185,000 signed petitions calling for the law's repeal.

Rather than accept that he has plunged his state into a morass of economic and emotional distress and work to fix it, Gov. McCrory has insisted on attempting to diminish and discount any legitimate criticisms of the law.

In response to today's 185,000+ petitions, McCrory issued a press release titled, "Deception vs. Reality: Out-of-state special interest groups mislead media."

"The anonymously-funded, national smear campaign led by the Human Rights Campaign is grossly misrepresenting information about the petitions delivered to State Capitol today," McCrory's statement on his website reads. "Contrary to the media reports, the activists only delivered enough petitions to fill two boxes and the overwhelming majority of signatures were from out-of-state."

He went on to post photos of the boxes the groups had lined up as "proof" that 185,000 isn't really 185,000, or, something, including this one:

In response, HRC posted a statement slamming McCrory.

"We had so many signatures on the petitions, we printed only the list of names rather than the 185,000 pages of individually signed petitions," an HRC statement, posted to Twitter by Buzzfeed's Dominic Holden, reads, noting that "thousands of these signatories are North Carolinians."

North Carolina, like many states, relies on tourism dollars to help meet its obligations. So do the people who work in North Carolina. If Gov. McCrory is suggesting that only the voices of North Carolinians matter, he should close down all the state's tourism groups, and rework his budget, because hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of jobs have already been lost, and there will be more losses to come.



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Image by Emma Wright via Twitter 

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