WATCH: No Repeal of HB2 Vows North Carolina GOP Senate Majority Leader


Says He Won't Give in to 'Demands of Multi-Millionaire Celebrities Pushing a Pet Social Agenda'

Republican Senate Majority Leader Phil Berger says he absolutely will not repeal HB2, North Carolina's anti-LGBT law that legal experts have labeled unconstitutional. The GOP state senator called it "the bathroom safety bill," at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

"My job is not to give into the demands of multi-millionaire celebrities pushing a pet social agenda, liberal newspapers like The New York Times, or big corporations who have every freedom to set whatever policies they wish under this law," Berger said, as the News & Observer reported. "My job is to listen to the people who elected us to represent them, and the vast majority of North Carolinians we've heard from understand and support this reasonable, common-sense law."

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Note Sen. Berger mentioned "the vast majority of North Carolinians" he's heard from.

"We are not going to do anything that makes it easier for grown men to get into showers, locker facilities and bathroom facilities that are occupied by women and girls," Berger insisted, despite the fact that HB2 does not do that.

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Sen. Berger claimed that "many are relying on the spin of far-left interest groups, instead of the facts," WRAL reported, despite the fact that Gov Pat McCrory has delivered comments on HB2 that fact-checkers rate some degree of "false."

In the latest news on the economic impact HB2 has had on North Carolina, the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce announced a tech company has scrapped plans to move into the area, and with that the 1000 jobs it would have added. That follows a report last week that found HB2 has cost the Tar Heel State well over a half-billion in revenue.

Watch Sen. Berger above.



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Image: Screenshot via News & Observer

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