The Benham Brothers Are Going Nuts to Support Anti-LGBT Law HB2


Anti-Gay Christian Activists Claim Martin Luther King, Jr. Would Have Supported North Carolina Anti-LGBT Law

Long before Gov. Pat McCrory signed the anti-LGBT bill HB2 into law, the Benham Brothers were waging war against Charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance that prompted it. The Benhams, anti-gay Christian activists, call Charlotte home, and for years along with their father - religious right activist and street preacher Flip Benham - have been working to take North Carolina back in time. 

This week, the Benhams have been actively defending HB2. They spoke at a pro-discrimination rally, stunningly daring to suggest that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., would have supported HB2.

HB2 not only bans transgender people from using the restroom that best matches their gender identity, it voided all LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances throughout the state, it strips the rights of local governments to pass laws protecting LGBT people - or anyone else - and it also bars local governments from enacting minimum wage laws and employment nondiscrimination laws. 

Clearly, Dr. King would have opposed HB2, but the Benham Brothers have no compunction about fibbing for Jesus.

Here's another wild claim they made.

After praising the North Carolina General Assembly for passing HB2 and Gov. Pat McCrory for signing it into law, after thanking God "for the United States of America" and for "the freedom that we have in the this country," David said to wild applause, "if we're not willing to stand now, 20 years from now my kids aren't going to be able to stand, they're going to go to jail," apparently for allowing transgender people to use the right restroom.

But their nutty attacks didn't stop there.

Jason Benham took to Twitter last Saturday to slam Bruce Springsteen, who canceled a show in North Carolina last week as a sign of protest against HB2. Of course, he got the issue wrong:

And Jason's brother David also took to Twitter this week, on Saturday afternoon, trying to be too cute by half.

David tries to attack Charlotte's outstanding mayor - a woman some might say is actually qualified to be President - and tried to throw in a slam against President Barack Obama as well, not to mention trying to harass her for using her First Amendment rights.

Is there something wrong with asking for support from your peers? Is there something wrong with being a community organizer? It seems to have helped Pres. Obama.

Charlotte's Mayor, Jennifer Roberts, has a résumé that beats that of most mayors and probably most governors.

She has two Masters Degrees in international affairs - one from Johns Hopkins University, and one from the University of Toronto. She was a diplomat with the U.S. Department of State in the Dominican Republic, and was a political officer on the State Dept.'s Mexico Desk. Before being elected mayor of Charlotte, the second-largest city in the Southeast, she was the Director of the Mayor's International Cabinet, the executive director of the Charlotte World Affairs Council, and a lending officer in International Corporate Banking at First Union Bank. She's also a recipient of the Maya Angelou Women Who Lead award. Among many other accomplishments.

Oh, and by the way, someone should tell the Benham Brothers this: Jesus was a community organizer.

Here's the video of the Benhams rallying to support discrimination:


Image: Screenshot via YouTube

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