Watch: Kansas Governor Signs Anti-Gay ‘Religious Liberty’ Bill Into Law


Brownback Says Law Protects Discriminatory Groups That Are the 'Building Blocks of Society'

Governor Sam Brownback on Tuesday signed an anti-gay "religious liberty" bill into law. The Kansas Republican held a special ceremony to sign the legislation, which "protects" campus religious groups from having to allow LGBT students and faculty participate as members. 

Brownback called those groups "building blocks of society," and didn't waste any time placing his signature on SB 175, which passed less than one week ago. The bill makes it legal for religious groups at postsecondary schools - even those colleges and universities that receive taxpayer funds - to discriminate against LGBT students. 

"Religious liberty is a part of the essence of who we are as a nation and state," Brownback said. The Wichita Eagle reports "lawmakers and lobbyists for the Kansas Catholic Conference and the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas" were on hand for the celebration. 

"At our founding, people coming to the United States came here seeking religious liberty. I'm pleased to sign SB 175 today, the Campus Religious Freedom Bill, ensuring that college students can also enjoy this bedrock American principle."

The Washington Blade notes "Brownback's decision to sign SB 175 makes him the first governor this year to sign into law legislation seen to discriminate against LGBT people."




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Screenshot and video via The Wichita Eagle
Hat tip: Washington Blade

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