NC GOP Governor, Lawmakers Race to Rescind Charlotte’s LGBT Nondiscrimination Bill


'States Rights' Republicans to Ban Localities From Protecting LGBT People

GOP Governor Pat McCrory (photo, left, with Charlotte resident Franklin Graham) wants state lawmakers to act quickly to repeal, revoke, or rescind the City Of Charlotte's recently-passed law that will protect LGBT people. The ordinance would also allow transgender citizens the right to use the public rest room that most closely conforms to their gender identity.

The North Carolina governor has insisted even before the legislation passed that he would find a way to invalidate it, and has asked state lawmakers to do just that.

The law goes into effect April 1, and the state legislature's short session does not begin until April 25. GOP lawmakers are weighing an early special session just to act on Charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance, but Gov. McCrory would like them to wait, as that would cost taxpayers $42,000 per day.

But McCrory will be satisfied either way.

"This is local government overreach" and "new regulation on business," he said of the nondiscrimination ordinance, which about 250 other cities across the nation also have in various forms.

By passing the law, the Charlotte City Council was "trying to solve a problem that I don't think existed except in very rare case," he said, according to the Charlotte Business Journal.

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McCrory called the ordinance a "safety issue." 

"To me it's a privacy issue and a perception of a problem with public safety," he said at a meeting Friday.

GOP House Speaker Tim Moore has said Charlotte's ordinance "poses an imminent threat to public safety."

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger stunningly asked: "How many fathers are now going to be forced to go to the ladies' room to make sure their little girls aren't molested?" 



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