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Texas GOP Congressional Race Devolves Into Full-Fledged Anti-Gay Hatefest



Attack Ad Calls The New Civil Rights Movement Part of ‘Radical Gay Lobby’

A Republican congressional candidate in West Texas is airing a TV ad accusing one of his opponents of secretly being a “gay rights advocate” because he participated in military LGBT Pride runs while serving as a base Air Force commander.

Earlier this month, we told you how retired Col. Michael Bob Starr, a GOP candidate in Congressional District 19, had come under fire for participating in the runs while leading the 7th Bomb Wing at Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene.

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Oil field worker Jason Corley, one of eight candidates in the race to replace right-wing Rep. Randy Neugebauer, accused Starr — a decorated officer — of promoting “social engineering” in the military by participating in the runs sponsored by Dyess AFB’s Pride Alliance in 2014 and 2015, following the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Now, Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson — another candidate in the race — has taken the attack a step further with a TV ad alleging that Starr is somehow supported by “the radical gay lobby.”


“Michael Bob Starr says he’s a conservative values candidate, but Starr supported, promoted and participated in gay Pride events, wore rainbow-colored gay Pride clothing and is being called a gay-rights activist,” the ad’s narrator states. “And liberal gay rights organizations are supporting Starr, the same radical groups who want men to be able to use women’s bathrooms. Michael Bob Starr, supported by the radical gay lobby, wrong for West Texas.”

Interestingly, Robertson himself could be accused of supporting gay rights, given that he once told The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal that he would be open to the possibility of an LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance:

“If anybody brought that issue forward, I’d be open-minded and look at it,” Robertson said. 

The allegations in Robertson’s ad are based on articles by Breitbart Texas’ Brandon Darby, an FBI informant who somehow believes that because LGBT news outlets including this one have covered the anti-gay attacks against Starr, they are supporting him:

In another strange twist, one group, The New Civil Rights Movement (NCRM), which calls itself a “broadly cited media organization delivering news and opinion dedicated to the wide interests of the progressive and LGBT communities,” found itself defending and advocating for a candidate who, only days prior, attempted to convince his fellow West Texans that he was actually the anti-gay agenda candidate.

Although we certainly appreciate the free publicity, Darby’s premise is way off. He’s effectively arguing that any news outlet that covers a political candidate supports that candidate. In other words, by reporting on Bob Starr – or Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders, or Donald Trump, or Marco Rubio – any news outlet, including NCRM, supports those candidates, which is obviously false. 

But this is not particularly surprising from Darby, reportedly a one-time radical “leftist” who infamously became an FBI informant, ratting out two of his fellow activists and sending them to prison.

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Besides, from a gay rights standpoint, Starr’s response to the attacks has been almost as bad as the attacks themselves, and he certainly wouldn’t merit the support of any LGBT group, let alone a radical one:

“Glen knows that I’ve never been a gay rights advocate,“ Starr responded. “I believe, and have always believed, that homosexual behavior is immoral. I do not support same-sex marriage. I believe the definition of marriage is older than the law or any government, and is defined as a holy union between a man and a woman. I already made this clear when these reports first surfaced.

“I am the only candidate with firsthand knowledge of what the liberals have done to the military with their social experimentation,” Starr stated. “Military policy should be based on one thing and one thing alone – how could we be more effective in protecting our nation and our national security interests.”

Watch Robertson’s ad here: 

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Right Wingers Outraged Biden Hasn’t Delivered SOTU – Claim It Was Required by Feb. 20 – Capitol Police Issue Warning



Right wingers on social media are spreading misinformation, falsely claiming President Joe Biden was required to deliver the State of the Union Address, with some claiming a February 20 deadline. Their false claims and the fact-checking responses caused “SOTU” to trend on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

The outrage comes on the same day acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman told the House Appropriations Committee right wing extremists, which she called “militia” members, “have stated their desires that they want to blow up the Capitol and kill as many members” of the House and Senate “as possible.”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has not yet set a date for what would be a joint session of Congress. The President does not deliver a State of the Union address during his first year in office.

The February 20 claim, which is false, apparently originated or was made popular by this Facebook post, which initiated a USA Today fact check stating it is “false information.”

Despite the ignorance of the MAGA crowd and right wingers, the U.S. Constitution is clear, offering little in the way of expectations for an address to Congress.

Article II, Section 3, Clause 1 states the President “shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the union, and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.”

No date, mode, or even frequency is mandated. Earlier in U.S. history the President wrote Congress a letter.

Here’s a failed Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from New Jersey suggesting the Constitution requires a State of the Union Address. She claims she is “Asking on behalf of the Constitution.”

This MAGAite suggests President Biden is a “fraud,” and “unelected, illegitimate & totally unfit” because he hasn’t delivered a State of the Union address.

A Washington Times columnist falsely claiming President Biden can’t stand up long enough to deliver an address:

Former NRA spokesperson and pro-gun extremist thinks it was supposed to have been delivered “yesterday.”

“Conservative Christian”:


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Marjorie Taylor Greene Again Tries to Block LGBTQ Equality Act Vote by Forcing Motion to Adjourn



The “QAnon Congresswoman” Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) tried to block a vote on the LGBTQ Equality Act once again Thursday afternoon by calling for the House to adjourn, forcing every member to go the the floor to vote.

The move interrupts committee hearings and all other business being conducted by every Representative. The freshman Georgia Republican made the same motion on Wednesday, and received the support of every single Republican when the House voted 214-202 against adjournment in a wholly partisan line vote.

Today’s vote has yet to conclude.

On Thursday Greene, wearing a mask that read “Joe Biden is as useless as this mask,”  suggested she was speaking for the entire Republican caucus who are “very offended” Democrats are “claiming” Republicans “had anything to do” with the January 6 insurrection. On Wednesday a CNN report confirmed that a “close ally” of Greene’s was at least present on Capitol Hill during the attack.

Greene Thursday also lied on the House floor, declaring that “the Equality Act is not about stopping discrimination. It’s about causing discrimination against women and religious freedoms.”

“I would like to motion to adjourn, Madam Speaker,” she concluded.


EARLIER: Marjorie Taylor Greene Slammed for Attack Targeting Dem With Trans Daughter as House Readies LGBTQ Equality Act Vote


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Marjorie Taylor Greene Slammed for Attack Targeting Dem With Trans Daughter as House Readies LGBTQ Equality Act Vote



It’s almost as if Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) wanted to prove why the LGBTQ Equality Act is so important, right before the House will vote on the anti-discrimination legislation that Green just days ago called “disgusting, immoral, and evil.”

Wednesday night Greene posted a video of her hanging an anti-transgender sign outside her office, smugly wiping her hands when the deed was done, as Mediaite reported. It was a rare move, not only another direct attack on Americans, some of whom Rep. Greene represents, but a direct attack on her House colleague across the hall, Rep. Marie Newman (D-IL), whose daughter is transgender.

Congresswoman Newman had installed a transgender flag outside her office, after Greene’s ugly attack on transgender people and all LGBTQ Americans.

Greene’s attack only served to make anti-LGBTQ discrimination more apparent. When the House debates the legislation, no one will be able to say it’s not needed, after a sitting Member of Congress literally targeted transgender Americans in a vicious attack.

There was also this attack:

Newman told New York magazine why she put the transgender flag outside her office.

“I’m going to put this flag here so you can see it every day and see about your actions and your hate and your disrespect. So that’s all that was meant to do. It was just making a statement.” She added, “You only let a bully go so long, and then you have to be clear and direct and firm — and I was.”

Support for Newman has been tremendous.


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