Watch: John Oliver Mocks Ted Cruz’s SCOTUS Lies As Just ‘So Close To Being True’


GOP must do its 'f*cking Job': HBO host hilariously slams Republican obstructionists and their lies about nominating and confirming Supreme Court justices.

John Oliver on Sunday's "Last Week Tonight" did a masterful job of shooting holes through the false claims and outright lies Republicans have been spewing literally within hours after Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died. The claims that it's just "precedent" that a lame-duck president not nominate a replacement for an open Supreme Court seat are of course hogwash, and Oliver took special delight in destroying Ted Cruz's carefully-crafted albeit false wording.

The Texas Tea Party Senator and GOP presidential candidate who came in third despite South Carolina's large number of evangelical voters, claimed that in the last 80 years no one nominated in an election year has been confirmed.

Oliver mocked Cruz's claim, saying, "that is so close to being true."

"Unfortunately," Oliver observed, "it ignores" Justices Brennan and Murphy, so "even by your own arbitrary 80-year timeframe, there are between one and five exceptions to your own precedent," he reminded Cruz. 

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He then brought up the Judicial Crisis Network, whom NCRM reported on last week. The group was originally created to ensure GOP President George W. Bush's Supreme Court nominees all received a Senate confirmation hearing and vote, but miraculously, after President Obama was elected, their new mission is to ensure Obama doesn't place a third SCOTUS justice on the bench.

Oliver hysterically mocked their stock footage ad that claims voting for President is the only voice "we the people" have. "You choose the next President, the next president chooses the next justice."

"No," Oliver, almost uncontrollably reminded viewers. "The current president chooses the next justice."

He then went on the recreate the Judicial Crisis Network's ad, and it's pretty awesome.

It closes with this message to the GOP: “We the people want you the politicians to do your f*cking job.”

Take a look at Oliver in all his stunningly accurate humor:


Image: Screenshot via YouTube
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