Twitter Hysterically Mocks Trump With #DonaldDuck Hashtag For Boycotting Debate


"He ran away from military service, now he's running from Megyn Kelly. Is there anything isn't afraid of?"

Donald Trump's supporters are so loyal they may stick with him even if he stands in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoots somebody, but Ted Cruz's supporters are pretty devoted too.

After Trump announced he would boycott the Fox News debate on Thursday, Ted Cruz challenged him to a duel. Well, OK, not a duel per se, but a one-on-one debate.

And then Twitter got involved.

The hashtag #DonaldDuck started to go viral - an attempt to tease, mock, and troll Trump.

It appears to have been started with this tweet:

And it should come as no surprise that Brian Phillips is the Rapid Response Director for Ted Cruz for President.

But regardless, these tweets are just as entertaining regardless of the inspiration:

Conservative commentator John Podhoretz got involved:

As did many others on Twitter:

Image by Tony Takitani via Flickr and a CC license

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