Trump Says Scott Brown As Vice President Would Be ‘Very Good’


GOP Frontrunner Continues War On Ted Cruz, Now Probably His Former Possible Running Mate

At a Saturday New Hampshire rally for Donald Trump hosted by former Republican Senator Scott Brown, the GOP frontrunner spoke positively about the two becoming running mates.

Trump asked Brown if he had ever considered running for public office again. The half-term Massachusetts Senator defeated Martha Coakley to win the Senate seat held by the late Democratic icon Ted Kennedy, only to lose it to Elizabeth Warren.

One audience member, according to The Hill, suggested a Trump-Brown 2016 ticket.

“Vice president – hey, that sounds like it could, hey, hey, very good,” Trump said.

“Hey, you know what? And he’s central casting. Look at that guy. Central casting,” Trump praised. “He’s great. Great guy and a great, beautiful, great wife and family. So important.”

Exactly two months ago, before Ted Cruz's dramatic rise in the polls, Trump announced the Texas Senator could be his running mate.

“Ted Cruz is now agreeing with me 100 percent,” Trump said in November. "I like him."

"He’s backed everything I’ve said," Trump added.

After months of refusing to criticize each other, even over vital issues where they could have scored major points, the two now are locked in a campaign of direct attacks. 

Calling it a "moment of destiny," Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall on Friday described the Trump-Cruz battle as "an epic confrontation between two masters who have trained for decades in the arts of assholery and bullying. But their powers equally matched, it is a stand off."


Donald Trump via Twitter
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