Muslim Woman Wearing Shirt That Says ‘Salam, I Come In Peace’ Gets Kicked Out Of Trump Rally (Video)


A Muslim woman got kicked out of a Donald Trump rally Friday night after wanting to people to see what a Muslim woman is like.

Friday night NCRM posted to our Facebook page this photo of a Muslim woman standing at a Donald Trump rally in South Carolina. The image, from a tweet by CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond had just posted, shows a woman silently standing. She told Diamond she wanted to attend because "most Trump supporters probably never met a Muslim."

Shortly thereafter, the woman, a 56-year old light attendant named Rose Hamid, was kicked out of the rally.

According to video and news reporters, she was not shouting, or otherwise protesting, other than standing silently when Trump started bashing Syrian refugees, saying they are affiliated with ISIS.

That's when some in the crowd "turned on her," as CNN reported, and started shouting, "Trump! Trump! Trump!," calling her names, and the police escorted her out.

Let's try that again.

She did nothing wrong except stand up. Her very presence drew anger from Trump supporters, and so the police removed her - not the people who were yelling and acting disorderly.

Watch this quick clip of the cops escorting her out, and pay particular attention to the man holding a Trump sign who gets in her way as she climbs the stairs, waving his "thumbs down" in her face.

Trump supporters booed her, told her to "get out," and one man even shouted, asking her if she had a bomb, to which she says she replied, "No, do you have a bomb?"

Hamid spoke to CNN, and in the interview above she explains what happened, and why she wanted to be there.

CNN's Don Lemon asked her why she would want to go to the rally in the first place and "be around those people." She responded, "Because I don't want to think of them as 'those people.'"

"I believe people in all camps are decent people."


Image: Screenshot via CNN

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