Mike Huckabee Just Called Kim Davis


GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee gave Rowan County clerk Kim Davis a call today to offer his support. 

Back in July, Mike Huckabee posted this meme to his Facebook page:


Despite that, today Gov. Mike Huckabee released a statement saying that he personally called defiant Kentucky clerk Kim Davis to offer his support.

"Huckabee says he spoke Wednesday morning to Kim Davis to offer "prayers and support," the AP reports this afternoon.

And while campaigning in South Carolina today, Huckabee bragged about the call.

UPDATE: Huckabee: Kim Davis Has No 'Constitutional Authority' To Issue Marriage Licenses To Gays (Video)

"There is a county clerk who is showing more courage, more conviction and more of a better understanding of the constitution than virtually any elected official in America," Huckabee, an ordained Baptist minister, told audiences in three towns. "I called to encourage her and to thank her for not capitulating to what is really nothing less than judicial tyranny."

Davis, of course, is the clerk who is under a federal judge's order to issue marriage licenses to couples regardless of gender, yet continues, as recently as a few hours ago today, to refuse to issue any licenses, because same-sex marriage violates her religious beliefs.

Huckabee has made his anti-gay activist a large focus in his current presidential campaign, just as he did in 2008.



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