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Man Banned From Food Bank Over His Views Of Marriage Equality



A Canadian food bank banned a man because he didn’t want to sign a volunteer form requiring him to “respect the relationship of only a man and a woman in marriage.”

When Richard Friesen wanted to help out at a local food bank in Winnipeg, he says he was banned from volunteering after he questioned a section of the lifestyle agreement form he was told to sign.

“One particular thing on the lifestyle agreement that struck me as very, very odd, especially with today’s world that we live in, was the ‘must respect the relationship of only a man and a woman in marriage,’” Friesen told APTN National News. “To me, now that is a very, very outdated way of thinking.”

It turns out, the Winnipeg Harvest food bank branch Friesen went to is sponsored by the Bethlehem Aboriginal Fellowship church.

After questioning the Bethlehem Aboriginal Fellowship’s volunteer form, Friesen said that he brought his concerns to Winnipeg Harvest, which distributes food to hundreds of community agencies like Bethlehem Aboriginal Fellowship. The food bank subsequently changed its form, however, Friesen was still banned from returning.

“We’ve contacted the Human Rights Commission,” said Tony Friesen, Richard’s father, “and they say that is not legal. That can’t be. Like I say, the Church has since changed its application form, but in the mean time, they are still discriminating against my son.” Tony Friesen is currently on crutches, making it difficult to access a food bank further away.

The father and son are not the only people who disagree with the food bank’s processes. Tanya Smith doesn’t like how the food bank requires her to sit through church services she doesn’t agree with before she’s allowed to have access to the assistance programs.

“In the end, you just stay quiet,” Smith explained, “because you know you need the food, and if you rock the boat something bad might happen, like you get refused services, or the people that are providing you the services may treat you differently.”

Another resident, Althea Guiboche, feels that practicing religion shouldn’t be associated with using a food bank.

“Food is a basic human right, and religion should not have to come in to play with that,” Guiboche said. “We should just feed and we should just help because that is what they need. They need somebody to care, and to make them, you know, do a song and dance or whatever before they eat is just not dignified.”

What are your thoughts on the Bethlehem Aboriginal Fellowship food bank and religious based charities in general? Let us know in the comments section below.


Image: Screenshot via APTN National News
Hat tip: Friendly Atheist


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‘Flashback Much?’: Senator Mocked for Saying IG Report Made Him Feel Like He Had ‘Dropped Acid’



“About 25 percent of the way through it I thought I dropped acid. It’s surreal.”

A prominent Republican Senator is getting his own special due process on social media after using his precious time to question U.S. Dept. of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz by saying reading the 434 page report on the FBI’s Russia investigation was like dropping acid.

U.S. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) admitted to Horowitz on Wednesday that he had not finished reading the lengthy document but was about 70 percent done. He also appeared to be trying to make the infractions about FISA warrants committed by FBI agents to be seen as unprecedented and historically offensive, in an attempt to serve President Donald Trump by damaging the reputation of the FBI.

“About 15 percent of the way through it made me want to heave,” Sen. Kennedy announced. “About 25 percent of the way through it I thought I dropped acid. It’s surreal.”

Someone can be heard laughing in the background.

Kennedy chose to focus on the misconduct by the FBI agents instead of on the actual investigation, which the Inspector General found to be warranted: that is, opening up the Russia probe to determine not only how Putin and his cronies attacked the U.S. election but to what extent any Trump campaign officials may have been involved.

The Louisiana Republican Senator was not done. He made clear someone would have to pay for the misdeeds.

Apparently it would not matter to Kennedy who.

“I hope you’ll tell your colleagues at the FBI that we appreciate their work, but this has got to be fixed. At minimum someone’s got to be fired,” he announced.

Many were perplexed and shared their concerns about Sen. Kennedy on social media.


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Ted Cruz ‘Just Pumped Nonsensical Disinformation Into American Air Waves’: Former FBI Special Agent



During his turn to question Inspector General Michael Horowitz today, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) didn’t really ask many questions, and instead chose to use his time to rant about what he believes are the corrupt origins of the investigation into Russia’s alleged collusion with the Trump campaign.

In a tweet, MSNBC’s Clint Watts wrote that Cruz “just pumped several minutes of nonsensical disinformation into American air waves.”

Watch Cruz’s rant in the video below:

Related: Lindsey Graham Explodes in Anger Demanding to Know Why FBI ‘Didn’t Tell Trump’ His Campaign Was Under Investigation



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Lindsey Graham Explodes in Anger Demanding to Know Why FBI ‘Didn’t Tell Trump’ His Campaign Was Under Investigation



Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham exploded in anger as he questioned Inspector General Michael Horowitz, demanding to know why the FBI did not notify then-candidate Donald Trump and his campaign in 2016 that they were the subjects of a counterintelligence investigation to determine how Russia was attacking the U.S. and if any members of the Trump campaign were involved.

Chairman Graham appeared to ignore all the signs that Donald Trump and his campaign may have been conspiring with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election, including Trump’s infamous “Russia, if you’re listening” remarks.

The FBI “never made any effort to brief Donald Trump about suspected problems within his campaign,” Graham lamented, again, ignoring the FBI was working to determine if Trump or anyone else was colluding with Russia.

The FBI did warn the Trump campaign Russia was working to undermine the election. Trump appears to have taken that warning as an invitation to an opportunity to win the election rather than to protect the nation.

“Why did they not tell him that” people like Carter Page and George Papadopoulos might be working wirh Russia, Graham asked.

Graham later says, “I hope all of us would appreciate if you really believe there may be somebody in my campaign working with a foreign power, please tell me. Why didn’t they tell Trump?”

Again, the FBI likely had reason to suspect Trump was that somebody.

Despite all this, the RNC opted to immediately post a clip of Graham defending Trump on YouTube and Twitter (below).


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