UPDATED: Indiana Woman’s Facebook Video Meltdown Rant Over Marriage Goes Viral


Watch as this Indiana woman who says she's a Christian records herself having an epic must-see meltdown over the Supreme Court's marriage ruling. 


While apparently cleaning her home on Friday, Becky Wegner Rommel took a break to share with her Facebook friends a few thoughts about the Supreme Court's ruling on marriage. She recorded and posted this four-and-a-half minute video during which she seems to be having a meltdown over the decision.

"This is a really sad day for me," Rommel says. "Our government decided that everything that God created his church to be — as man as woman — Adam and Eve — five justices decided that God was wrong!"

And that's when it goes downhill.

"And now. Now is the time that Christians have a voice," she says, as if they didn't before, or won't again?

"God did not change! His word is truth!" Rommel continues, crying. "And God says that marriage is between a man and a woman! I don't care if you think I'm judging you. The fact is, the God of the universe, He is the truth," she charges. "Jesus Christ, not Mohammad, OK?!"

"It's just, like, these Islamic extremlists â€” extremists — OK? They're not just extremists. They're ISLAAAAMICPresident Obama. ISLAAAAMIC! Ext — Extremlist!"

"I am so sick of people being lukewarm. Are you serious?," she demands to know. "Are you a Christian?," Rommel asks of same--sex marriage supporters. "Do you read the same Bible I read?"

"OK, all I want to know is truth," she says. "I don't care what you think. I don't care what you think about my opinion because, you know what? I could really care less!""

"A man and a wife are to be married, OK? That's what God said! I'm telling you what God said!"

"Someone's got to pay for our sin. He did it, on the cross for you."

She goes on to lament that the Founding Fathers would not be pleased with same-sex marriage.

Rommel posted the video Friday, and as of this writing it has been viewed well-over 200,000 times. Queerty and the Huffington Post picked it up, which likely accounts for its popularity.

Rommel actually does not seem to know that the Founding Fathers, for the most part, were not devout believers in Jesus Christ. Many were theists, some Christians, some atheists, but not "Christians" as so many claim to be today, and America is not a Christian nation. In fact, "not a single one of the main Founders actually believed in the divinity of Jesus."

On Facebook, she asks her friends to "Take a stand for Jesus!...please share and take a stand for Christ!!!" It's unclear what that would entail.

At the end, Rommel insists, "I love you!"

I feel the need to mention that Rommel is probably someone's mother and spouse, someone's daughter, someone's neighbor and friend. Of course, she's entitled to her beliefs and how she expresses them. But there are many more Americans who are equally misinformed - about gay people, marriage, religion, history, and the law. And that, to me, is the real tragedy.

UPDATE II: 07.02.15 -
Apparently, Rommel pulled her video off Facebook, but we've added one posted to YouTube. 


Image via Facebook
Hat tip: Queerty and the Huffington Post

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