Duggar Family Reportedly ‘Heartbroken’ Over Cancellation – Believed Reality TV Show Was ‘God’s Plan’


The Duggar family, despite their claim they would be just fine when TLC canceled their show, are reportedly "heartbroken."

Before TLC canceled its hit reality TV show "19 Kids and Counting" last week, Jim Bob Duggar told Fox News that they would be "fine whether they film us or not." Michelle Duggar said they were "at peace," regardless of the show's future.

It turns out, they're not quite as fine as they insisted they would be.

PEOPLE today reports that "a source who has worked closely" with the Duggar family "says the evangelical Christian family, who often discussed their religious faith on their TLC show, is 'heartbroken that they've now lost that platform.'"

When their reality TV was canceled, the Duggars issued a statement that didn't even use the word "cancel."

"TLC announced that they will not be filming new episodes of 19 Kids and Counting," the family's statement read. "God's faithfulness and goodness to us, along with His abundant grace have given us strength and joy even in the most difficult days."

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In fact, they mentioned God and the Bible 12 times.

That wasn't an accident, it was of course typical for the ultra-religious family that is believed to follow the edicts of the Quiverfull movement.

"The Duggars want to return to TV because they truly believe it was part of God's plan for them to spread the word about their faith," PEOPLE's source adds.

"I think Jim Bob and Michelle honestly did expect people to just move on from this," the source continues. "Their thinking is, they put this behind them ages ago, so why wouldn't the rest of the world?"

Of course, the family had many years to process Josh Duggar's sexual molestation of five young girls, including two of his sisters.



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