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NOM Chairman Teams Up With FRC, Announces He Hopes Uganda Reinstates Life Imprisonment For Gays



Watch as NOM Chairman John Eastman denounces America’s international efforts to protect LGBT people, adding that he hopes Uganda reinstates its “Jail The Gays” law quickly.

National Organization For Marriage chairman John Eastman delivered an hour-long speech at the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the Family Research Council on Wednesday, bemoaning the focus the Obama administration has placed on LGBT civil rights internationally.

Dr. Eastman, whose tenure at the helm of NOM has been marked by a horrific record in court, as well as being financially disastrous, spoke at the FRC event which was titled “Cultural Imperialism and the Obama Administration.”

In the video below, Eastman focuses on a memo created by USAID, the U.S. governmental agency responsible for administering foreign aid. Under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s leadership, LGBT civil rights gained a far greater focus, and Eastman offered examples of how the U.S. Government is working with foreign governments to help them deliver greater support and equality to their often persecuted LGBT citizens.

Dr. Eastman, of course, didn’t explain the USAID memo in quite in those terms.

For example, speaking about Uganda‘s “Kill the Gays” bill, which ultimately morphed into the “Jail the Gays” bill, Eastman lamented that the Obama administration and other governments around the world threatened to and pulled international funding to Uganda, simply because Uganda was following its Christian beliefs.

“Contrary to the way it was reported here in the United States,” Eastman said, the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality bill “provided life imprisonment for aggravated homosexuality, that is homosexual acts committed by somebody infected with HIV/AIDS, who knew that by conducting that act they knew they were very likely to give that deadly disease – death sentence – to their sex partners.”

“And homosexual acts with minors. And then prison for groups who counsel people into homosexuality. The Ugandan Supreme Court invalidated the law, but only on technical grounds that there had not been a quorum,” he explained.

“I suspect that it’s going to come back and I hope that it does come back in short order.”

Indeed, the law was struck down, but its impact, even before it went into effect, and after it was invalidated, was enormous, with LGBTQ people living in fear and even committing suicide rather than face a life of hell. 

Joe Jervis, who first reported on Eastman’s speech, observes that “Eastman fails to note that under the stricken-for-now Ugandan bill, ‘aggravated homosexuality’ is also defined as having been arrested on those charges more than once.”

The “Jail the Gays” legislation also put at risk anyone suspected of being LGBT, and even mandated jail time for heterosexual people who did not report LGBT people to the government. 

Eastman’s presumption, also, that HIV/AIDS is a disease that affects only LGBT people, too, is not only false but dangerous.

Last month, VICE reported on Uganda’s LGBT community and how they are treated: ‘I Kill Them!’: HBO’s VICE Goes To Uganda To See What American Anti-Gay Christians Have Created.



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Image: Screenshot via Family Research Council/YouTube

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Former Trump Official Claims Biden Choosing First Black Woman Justice Bars ‘Hispanics, Asians and Gays’



A highly-controversial former Trump official is claiming President Joe Biden’s promise to seat the first Black woman on the U.S. Supreme Court is discriminatory.

Richard Grenell, who served as Trump’s Acting Director of National Intelligence, and as Trump’s  Ambassador to Germany, was seen by at least one lawmaker in Berlin as a “biased propaganda machine.” On Thursday Grenell attacked President Biden by attacking another Democrat, former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart.

Lockhart served as President Bill Clinton’s White House Press Secretary. On Thursday he tweeted, “Ahead of the midterms, I look forward to watching every Republican Senator oppose the first black woman to the Supreme Court.”

Earlier in the day Grenell posted a similar tweet:

Conservatives, including on the far right which Grenell has been accused of having ties to, have been falsely claiming it’s “racist” to choose a Supreme Court Justice who is Black and a woman.

Those same conservatives are apparently ignorant of the fact that smart presidents, like smart managers, create a Supreme Court team. There’s no such things as “the most qualified,” nor is there any way, any right way, to measure. Presidents, smart presidents, want justices who are young so they can have a decades-long impact on the nation and its future. They want great minds who are able to work behind the scenes to win over their colleagues. And, unlike Republicans, they want justices who have the lived experiences of more and more Americans –because the law is not stagnant, despite what the originalists and textualists falsely claim.

Here’s Grenell, attacking President Biden through Lockhart:

Some responses to Grenell’s tweet:




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Christian Nationalist Home-Schooling Podcaster Running for Congress to Bring ‘The Name of God’ Back Into Politics



Early in 2021, Christian nationalist home-schooling advocate, author, and podcaster Heidi St. John launched a bid for U.S. Congress in Washington state’s 3rd Congressional District. Outraged by incumbent Republican Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler’s vote to impeach former President Donald Trump in the wake of the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol, St. John decided to try and unseat her in the GOP primary by appealing to MAGA voters, denouncing public libraries as “evil organizations,” and pledging to “be a mom for America.”

Earlier this month, St. John appeared on the “Stand Up For The Truth” podcast, where she sounded Seven Mountains and Christian nationalist themes that have been central to her campaign, describing politics as “a spiritual battle” and vowing to “bring back the name of God into the political sphere.”

“[Politics is] in my blood,” St. John said. “And I think it should be in the blood of every Christ follower. Politics determined policy, and it is policy that has murdered 63 million of our unborn in this country. It is policy that has gotten us into the mess that we are in as a nation, and we need wise people and godly people to ascend to positions of authority in the nation.”

“What we’ve observed over years and years and years is a church deciding to pull itself out of arguably one of the most important aspects of the culture, which is determining our laws and determining the policy that governs the people here,” she continued. “Christians belong in every sphere of influence. We have a command to be strong and courageous. [God] did not say, ‘Be strong and courageous except for in the political sphere, stay out of that one.’ No, we belong in every sphere of influence. We belong in medicine. We belong in entertainment. We belong in education. And we belong in politics.”

“[Christians] should be canvassing, they should be helping clean up the voter rolls, they should be running for positions of authority in every sphere of influence,” St. John added. “We bring back the name of Jesus, we bring back the name of God into the political sphere and we say out loud, ‘What is the biggest problem in our country? We have turned away from God.’”

“This is a spiritual battle,” St. John declared. “We know that we serve the Lord of Heaven’s armies. We serve the creator of the universe, the one who spoke the world into being. He can do anything. And I think he’s calling his people back out of hiding and out of the shadows and into the battle and onto the battlefield.”

This article was originally published by Right Wing Watch and is republished here by permission.

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Justice Breyer’s Decision to Quote Gettysburg Address and ‘Civil War’ in Retirement Remarks ‘Not by Accident’: Experts



During his unscripted remarks with President Joe Biden at a White House event Thursday to announce his retirement, Justice Stephen Breyer made very specific mention of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, quoting from the iconic president’s famous Civil War-era speech (video below.)

Bloomberg White House reporter Jennnifer Epstein observed the Justice, who will have served for 28 years on the nation’s highest court, held up a copy of the Constitution at one point as he was speaking.

“Please listen carefully,” NBC News Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss urged. “Not by accident did Justice Breyer, in appearance with President Biden, quote Lincoln saying that the nation was ‘engaged in a great Civil War’ and remind us that the American system is always an experiment whose survival must never be taken for granted.”

Former U.S. Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal calls Breyer’s remarks “brilliant,” and also notes his civil war remarks were not by accident.

Leah Litman, an assistant professor of constitutional law at the University of Michigan observed, “Justice Breyer seems to be … pointedly talking about threats facing the country. and about how future generations will determine and see whether this experiment succeeds.”

The LA Times’ White House reporter Eli Stokols says Justice Breyer was “suggesting America’s still engaged in ‘a civil war’ but expressing optimism that the democratic experiment will endure.”


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