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Democrat Introduces Bill To Ban Conversion Therapy Nationwide For Children And Adults



Democratic U.S. Congressman Ted Lieu is introducing a bill that goes further than any state law to date to ban the harmful practice of conversion therapy.

California was the first to ban so-called conversion therapy for minors. New Jersey followed, then Washington, D.C. and most recently, Oregon. The bans have been upheld in court against First Amendment arguments. One New Jersey judge ruled that anyone claiming they can “cure” gay people of being gay is practicing “fraud.”

For decades practitioners of “ex-gay,” reparative, or conversion therapy have falsely claimed that homosexuality is an illness, or a behavior, or a choice, and gay people, often through religious-based “therapy,” could be cured of it, to become “normal.” Others gave claimed they can help those who “suffer” from “same-sex attraction” to control it so they can establish marital relationships with the opposite sex. These quack therapies have been used on transgender people as well.

Leelah Alcorn, a transgender teen who died by suicide after she said she endured religion-based conversion therapy, left a suicide note. “Fix society. Please,” she begged.

Last month, President Obama called for states to enact bans on conversion therapy, citing Leelah Alcorn and a White House petition calling for “Leelah’s Law,” a nationwide ban on conversion therapy.

Today, Democratic U.S. Congressman Ted Lieu, held a press conference to announce his bill that would ban conversion therapy nationwide, for both minors and adults.

“The public views conversion therapy as quackery, as something that harms people,” Lieu told BuzzFeed’s Chris Geidner in an exclusive report last night. “Eventually, I believe Congress will catch up to that, but you do need to start somewhere, so that’s why we’re introducing this legislation.”

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi has signed on as an original co-sponsor to the bill.

“Conversion therapy is abusive, destructive, discredited, and has no place in any medical practice,” Pelosi said in a statement. “This legislation will stop conversion therapy peddlers from committing these fraudulent and hateful acts against LGBT children and adults. Being LGBT is not an error to be corrected.”

Chris Johnson, the Washington Blade’s Chief Political and White House reporter, tweeted from this morning’s presser:

Lieu’s bill, the Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act, would, as Geidner reports, use the Federal Trade Commission to enforce the legislation.

“There’s nothing unusual about government going out and trying to protect consumers against fraud. It happens all over the place,” Lieu says. 

“There is no medical condition known as ‘being gay or lesbian.’ That is not a medical disease, defect, and for people to charge money to treat you for something that’s not an illness is fraud,” Lieu says. “There already is an established baseline that you cannot practice medicine below a reasonable standard of care, and when you purport to treat someone for a condition they don’t have, that would be medical malpractice.”


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‘Going With Full Dictator’: Trump Blasted and Mocked for Threatening to Regulate or Close Down Social Media Sites



Falsely Claims Social Media ‘Totally’ Silences Conservatives and Compares It to Mail-In Voting

President Donald Trump is threatening to go after social media platforms after Twitter on Tuesday appended a “get the facts” label to two of his tweets that falsely claimed voting by mail is “substantially fraudulent” and the 2020 election will be “Rigged.”

Wednesday morning Trump posted two tweets claiming, falsely, “Social Media Platforms totally silence conservatives voices.”

“We will strongly regulate, or close them down, before we can ever allow this to happen,” Trump threatened.

The President does not have the power to shutter a private company. Congress can regulate social media platforms but has been slow to do so. Trump’s threat makes it clear any attempt to do so will now be seen as a partisan power grab, given that multiple studies and reports have already proven social media platforms bend over backwards to favor conservatives.

Trump also oddly compared what he claims is a silencing of conservatives to mail-in voting.

It is yet another example of Trump falsely claiming to have unlimited power, far beyond the constraints of the Constitution.

The responses were immediate and filled with anger.




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‘Ugly Even for Him’: Scathing Wall Street Journal Editorial Rails Against Trump for ‘Debasing His Office’



The Editorial Board of The Wall Street Journal Tuesday night issued a stern warning to President Donald Trump, accusing the Oval Office occupant of “debasing his office” and “hurting the country.”

The Journal is owned by Trump’s good friend Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Fox News and a plethora of right wing media outlets worldwide.

That did not stop the editors for attacking Trump for going after MSNBC host Joe Scarborough. Trump in recent days has renewed his conspiracy theory, strongly suggesting – if not outright accusing – the “Morning Joe” host of murdering an intern when he was a Florida congressman two decades ago.

“Donald Trump sometimes traffics in conspiracy theories—recall his innuendo in 2016 about Ted Cruz’s father and the JFK assassination—but his latest accusation against MSNBC host Joe Scarborough is ugly even for him,” the editorial begins.

“Nasty stuff,” they call his tweets accusing Scarborough of murder (no need to reproduce them here) and declare, “suggesting that the talk-show host is implicated in the woman’s death isn’t political hardball. It’s a smear. Mr. Trump rightly denounces the lies spread about him in the Steele dossier, yet here he is trafficking in the same sort of trash.”

“Mr. Trump is debasing his office, and he’s hurting the country in doing so,” they conclude.

Sadly, the Journal’s editors don’t bother to inform their readers that the intern, who died of natural causes, left behind a husband. Trump’s tweets have heightened his grieving all these years later, and he has asked Twitter’s CEO to delete the tweets. That seems an important detail the Journal should have included.



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‘I, as President, Will Not Allow It to Happen!’: Trump Lashes Out at Twitter for Fact-Checking His Voter Suppression Lies



That didn’t take long.

Around 5:30 PM Twitter slapped a label on two of President Donald Trump’s tweets, inviting social media users to “get the facts about mail-in ballots.” It’s the first time Twitter has placed what some are calling a “warning label” on any individual tweet.

And while others say it’s not sufficient – Trump’s lies remain and the label isn’t especially strong – Trump went ballistic just two hours later.

Despite the fact that Trump was engaging in voter suppression, he is accusing Twitter of “interfering in the 2020 Presidential Election.”

“They are saying my statement on Mail-In Ballots, which will lead to massive corruption and fraud, is incorrect, based on fact-checking by Fake News CNN and the Amazon Washington Post.”

Actually, his tweets are filled with lies and falsehoods, no fact-checking required.

But Trump did not stop there.

In yet another example of his belief that he is all powerful, Trump decreed, “Twitter is completely stifling FREE SPEECH, and I, as President, will not allow it to happen!”

The President, who has never read the U.S. Constitution and has little to no understanding of it, does not comprehend that he is using a private platform operated by a private company, and the only “free speech” guarantee is when the government “stifles” it.

Twitter can do what they want. And they have.



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