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Likely GOP Presidential Candidate John Kasich Proud Of Himself For Agreeing To Attend Gay Wedding



Ohio’s GOP governor has a big ol’ smile for himself after telling CNN he agreed, after giving it a lot of thought, to go to a same-sex wedding. Really?

It’s getting out of control. Now likely Republican presidential candidates are using same-sex weddings the way their predecessors used same-sex marriage just a decade ago – as a campaign prop and a way to connect to and expand their base.

Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum are all to happy to announce they wouldn’t attend a same-sex wedding. The phrase “no way in hell” didn’t appear in their comments, but it might as well have. At least they’re being honest and true to their inherently anti-gay selves.

Marco Rubio, after getting slammed for his earlier anti-gay comments and false statement about supporting a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage last week, managed to get a reporter to ask him if he would attend a same-sex wedding. For a loved one, a family member or friend, sure, he said, after suggesting that being gay is a choice, and same-sex marriage is a sin. He cleared that up on Sunday by saying that gay people are born that way, but gay marriage, by definition, doesn’t exist. 

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker took the (wedding) cake for his response over the weekend when a local New Hampshire reporter asked him if he would attend a same-sex wedding. While he doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage, Walker said, he and his family have attended a same-sex wedding reception. Not the wedding – he reportedly was out of town – but the reception. Let’s hope they sent a good wedding gift.

Now we have Ohio governor John Kasich telling CNN that he and his wife will be attending the wedding of a gay friend.

“I went home and I said to my wife, ‘my friend’s getting married. What do you think? You wanna go?’ She goes, ‘Oh, I’m absolutely going.’ I called him today and said, ‘Hey, just let me know what time it is,'” Kasich told CNN’s Sara Murray. “My friend knows how I feel about the issue, but I’m not here to have a war with him. I care about my friend, and so it’s pretty simple for me.”


The transcript is nice, but look at the grin, the smug, “I’m so proud of myself” grin (above) he gave after he told CNN that after his wife said she was “absolutely going” he agreed to go.

Let’s be clear here.

John Kasich likes to come off as a midwestern moderate, but as a U.S. Congressman he voted to ban gay people from adopting children in Washington, D.C. And he supports an amendment to the U.S. Constitution banning same-sex marriage. Not only that, but Kasich, at least in 2010, said he not only didn’t support same-sex marriage, he didn’t support any legal recognition of same-sex unions whatsoever.

So, Gov. Kasich, before you show up at your friend’s wedding, you might want to let him know about that baggage you’re carrying.



Image, top, by Brian Timmermeister via Flickr and a CC license
Embedded screenshot via CNN/YouTube



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Trump Is ‘Untethered to Reality’ and His Thanksgiving Rant Proves It: CNN’s Berman



CNN host John Berman on Friday lit into President Donald Trump for going on an unhinged Thanksgiving rant about the 2020 election in which he once again falsely claimed that he won.

Berman in particular zeroed in on Trump’s seething anger at Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason, who asked the president on Thursday if he’d concede that he lost the election.

“He was yelling at Jeff Mason, who is the most mild-mannered reporter in America, who was asking one of the most obvious questions in America, which is, ‘Will you concede the race that you lost?’” Berman said. “I think it gave a window into where the president is this morning and how untethered to reality he may be.”

Guest Ron Brownstein shared Berman’s assessment and talked about the harm it’s doing to the United States.

“[He’s] doing real damage,” Brownstein said. “You’ve seen the polling: Three-quarters of Republicans now believe the election was stolen. We’ve never seen anything like this, an effort by a president to systemically undermine the results of the election.”

Watch the video below.


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Trump Serves Up Paranoid Election Conspiracy Rant for Thanksgiving: ‘Flick of a Switch Can Change Course of History’



President Donald Trump on Thanksgiving broke weeks of refusing to answer questions from reporters, and focusing his anger on Georgia called its Republican Secretary of State “an enemy of the people” while brewing up an insane new conspiracy theory.

After praising GOP Senators in two run-off elections fighting to keep their seats, Trump said he told Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, “you have a fraudulent system.”

“You have a system where the flick of a switch or the putting in of a new chip can change the course of history.”

He also falsely claimed voting rights advocate and former Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams had illegally “harvested” 850,000 ballots. In reality, Abrams says 750,000 Georgia voters have requested absentee ballots.

Watch (poor quality video):

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‘No I Can’t Say That’: Trump Says He Will Not Concede – but Will Exit White House if Electoral College Makes ‘Mistake’


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‘No I Can’t Say That’: Trump Says He Will Not Concede – but Will Exit White House if Electoral College Makes ‘Mistake’



President Donald Trump used the occasion of Thanksgiving, weeks after Election Day, to declare he will not concede.

Speaking to reporters after calling troops overseas – at 1:16 AM their time, several hours later than scheduled – the President was asked if he will finally concede.

“No I can’t say that at all,” Trump replied, the first time he’s taken questions from reporters in weeks.

President-elect Joe Biden has 306 Electoral College votes, against Trump’s 232.

He also said the Electoral College members will have made a “mistake” if they do not declare him the winner of the 2020 presidential election, as Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs reports.

But he also said he would leave the White House if Biden is the official winner. (Trump frequently denies making remarks he has made.)

Trump, however, is not planning on believing the results.

“I don’t know what is going to happen. I know one thing, Joe Biden did not get 80 million votes,” he added.


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