Christians Must ‘Be Prepared To Rebuild From The Ruins Of The Collapse Of Civilization’ Warns NOM Co-Founder


Maggie Gallagher is issuing nearly apocalyptic warnings on the eve of the Supreme Court hearing same-sex marriage cases.

It's the end of the world as we know it, supposedly, warns National Organization For Marriage co-founder Maggie Gallagher. Although long since divorced from the group she started and ultimately chaired, Gallagher has close ties to fellow NOM co-founder Robert P. George, and she's raising her profile in the run up to next week's historic Supreme Court hearing of four same-se marriage cases.

Gallagher, speaking today with Family Research Council and Focus On The Family founder James Dobson, claims that "part of what's happening is an attempt to impose a new morality on all of America," by the LGBT community. She warns that same-sex marriage supporters won't stop there, rather, they will attempt to redefine Christianity, and brand it as the "legal and the moral equivalent of racism in the public square."

And, of course, Gallagher painted Christians who oppose marriage equality as persecuted victims, wholly ignoring her years of work persecuting the LGBT community.

"Christianity in this country is going to enter a new phase where we are a hated minority group," she told Dobson, who has spent decades spreading hate and lies about the LGBT community. "I think we had better be psychologically and spiritually prepared for that and be prepared to rebuild from the ruins of the collapse of civilization that we're witnessing."

And she warned of an apocalypse, of sorts - which, apparently, is already here.

"At least one civilization is over with and what the next phase of American civilization will be is yet to be determined."



Image by via Flickr and a CC license
Hat tip and audio: Right Wing Watch

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