Legal Same-Sex Marriage Murders Unborn Babies, Conservatives Tell Supreme Court


A group of scholars along with Heritage Foundation supported anti-gay religious activists are telling the U.S. Supreme Court that legalizing same-sex marriage will lead to 900,000 abortions.

In a preposterous amicus brief signed by 100 scholars and filed with the U.S. Supreme Court, in a symposium at the once-prestigious Heritage Foundation, and in an article at Heritage's website The Daily Signal, attorney Gene Schaerr says that legalizing same-sex marriage could lead to 900,000 abortions. Abortion, according to conservatives is the murder of unborn babies.

To put it simply, the Heritage Foundation's position, penned by Schaerr, is that legal same-sex marriage will dramatically reduce the number of different-sex couples who choose to marry.

The result: more unmarried women will lead to more pregnancies in unmarried women.

More pregnancies in unmarried women will lead to more abortions. 900,000, specifically, over the next generation, Heritage claims.

All because people who were almost certainly never going to marry people of the opposite sex are legally allowed to marry people of the same sex.

The Washington Post's Dana Milbank, hardly a far-left progressive, Monday night posted a column: "The new argument against gay equality: Same-sex marriage kills."

Milbank writes that the "logic is about as obvious as if they had alleged that raising the minimum wage would increase the frequency of hurricanes. If anything, you'd think that more same-sex marriages would mean more adoptions."

He notes that the position of Schaerr, who quit his law firm to argue for the State of Utah's defense of its same-sex marriage ban (he lost, but told his colleagues it was a "religious duty" he had to perform), that same-sex marriage devalues opposite-sex marriage. 

Milbank does an excellent job poking holes (or rather, inserting facts) into Schaerr's cherry-picked statistics, and notes that Schaerr "speculated that an unemployed man who got his girlfriend pregnant in a state that had legalized same-sex marriage would be more likely to conclude that 'I'm not going to assume these obligations to this woman and this child.'"

"From that idle speculation," Milbank concludes, "all it takes is a slippery slope and an active imagination to get to 900,000 abortions."

As for the "100 scholars" who signed onto the amicus brief, perhaps their universities should take a closer look at their work. 

Earlier this week, Joe Jervis noted the amicus brief "cites such authorities as anti-gay crackpot Jennifer Roback Morse and discredited researcher Mark Regnerus." 


Image by The UpTake via Flickr and a CC license

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