Watch: Alabama Politician’s Rant Linking Same-Sex Marriage Ruling And Measles Outbreak


Watch as an Alabama commissioner goes on a six-minute rant prompted by the state's ban on same-sex marriage being overturned.

Almost every state in the nation has a Public Service Commission. In some states, where energy is not a big industry, these commissions are not especially powerful. But the Alabama Public Service Commission is. Several members have gone on to run for governor, at least two have won. 

Meet Chip Beeker. A Republican who last November ousted a long-time incumbent, Beeker has a message and he's not shy about sharing it. His campaign, which took in hundreds of thousands of dollars, was focused on three issues: protect consumers, create jobs, fight Obama

Yes, even at the local level, at least in Alabama, being anti-Barack Obama is a ticket to office - and a ticket to getting on Fox News, which featured Beeker's campaign ad last year.

Beeker is now using his powerful seat on Alabama's Public Service Commission to attack, well just about everything.

In a six-minute rant delivered at this week's commission meeting - a commission created to regulate utility rates - Beeker attacked U.S. District Judge Callie Granade's rulings that struck down Alabama's ban on same-sex marriage, and managed to travel between those same-sex marriage rulings to "the moral decline in our nation" to the measles outbreak.

"Recently a federal district judge in Mobile ordered that a constitutional amendment passed in Alabama by 81 percent of the people who voted is unconstitutional," Beeker lamented.

"I say clearly that I support Gov. Robert Bentley, Chief Justice Roy Moore and other officials who have taken a stand against this usurpation of the rights of Alabamians. But this order must be viewed for what it is, just another example of the federal government's overreach and refusal to respect its proper role."

"In light of the other actions taken by our government, we should not be surprised by the outlandish stroke of this judge's pen," he added, launching into a diatribe.

Beeker claimed that "the results of the removal of God from the schools is as plain as the results of the attempted removal of God from all of the United States. Over the last 20 years or so, we have turned from God and his principles in order to be politically correct."

Beeker's written remarks included references to housing the Ten Commandments in public buildings, welfare, teen pregnancy, "wealth redistribution," the measles outbreak, daycare in schools, the EPA, immigration, political correctness, multiculturalism, and so much more.

"When I was a child the federal government did not work to punish success and reward sloth," Beeker announced. "But, with the Washington, D.C. wealth re­-distribution scheme, that is exactly what is currently happening."

"When I was a child the federal government did not entrap people in a welfare state - from which there is no escape. But, in a day when the federal government feeds, houses, and clothe people without providing an escape from the cycle of welfare."

"When I was a child we would have never imagined that the federal government would send American citizens unemployment checks because they can't find a job, but endorse the idea that people who come to this country illegally should be allowed to stay and take jobs that those same Americans could have."

Beeker was motivated enough to suggest a strong response to the judge's same-sex marriage ruling.

"We should regularly remind ourselves that the motto of our great state is 'We Dare Defend Our Rights,'" he said, "and ask ourselves what steps we are taking to defend our rights."

In one local Alabama article, the reporter issued called Beeker's rant "full-bore crazy," and issued this advice, in bold:

"WARNING: Do not just read the column. Watch the video above, preferably in a safe place with a cold beverage."



Hat tip: Raw Story
Image: Screenshot via YouTube

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