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Dan Savage Wants You To Ask 67 Louisiana Lawmakers ‘Have You Ever Given Or Received A Blow Job?’



Dan Savage apparently isn’t very happy about the Louisiana House vote last night to keep anti-sodomy laws on the books. Those laws were deemed unconstitutional eleven years ago by the U.S. Supreme Court, yet 17 states refuse to remove them from their statutes. In Louisiana, anti-sodomy laws were used to arrest at least 12 gay men for “crimes against nature” last year.

Sodomy is often defined as “anal or oral copulation with a member of the opposite sex,” or, “copulation with a member of the same sex.”

Last night, the Blog of New Orleans reported that GOP Rep. Valarie Hodges voted against revoking the anti-sodomy law because “yesterday was Passover and Friday is Good Friday.”

“This has been on the Louisiana law books for nearly 200 years,” she said. “Just because we decriminalize something doesn’t make it right. … We’re not here to rubber stamp the Supreme Court. … We’re here to uphold the law of what’s right and wrong.”

Via Twitter this morning, Savage asked:

“Have you ever given or received a blowjob?” That question needs to be put to 67 lawmakers in Louisiana.

He followed up with a few more tweets:

So, who’s up for the challenge? It shouldn’t be hard to track down the Twitter accounts of these 67 anti-gay lawmakers who all voted to keep Louisiana’s anti-sodomy laws on the books by voting against HB 12:

Adams, Bryan
Anders, John F. “Andy”
Armes, James K.
Barras, Taylor F.
Berthelot, John A.
Billiot, Robert E.
Bishop, Stuart J.
Broadwater, Chris
Brown, Terry R.
Burns, Henry L.
Burns, Timothy G.
Carmody, Thomas
Carter, Stephen F.
Champagne, Simone B.
Chaney, Charles R.
Connick, Patrick
Cromer, Gregory
Danahay, Michael E.
Dove, Gordon
Fannin, James R.
Garofalo, Raymond E.
Geymann, Brett F.
Gisclair, Jerry
Greene, Hunter
Guillory, Mickey J.
Guinn, John E.
Harris, Lance
Harrison, Joe
Havard, Kenneth E.
Henry, Cameron
Hensgens, Bob
Hill, Dorothy Sue
Hodges, Valarie
Hoffmann, Frank A.
Hollis, Paul
Howard, Frank A.
Huval, Mike
Ivey, Barry
Johnson, Robert A.
Jones, Sam
Lambert, Eddie J.
LeBas, H. Bernard
Leopold, Christopher J.
Lopinto, Joseph P.
Lorusso, Nick
Mack, Sherman Q.
Miller, Gregory A.
Morris, James “Jim”
Morris, John C. “Jay”
Pearson, J. Kevin
Ponti, Erich E.
Pope, J. Rogers
Pugh, Stephen E.
Pylant, Steve E.
Reynolds, Eugene
Richard, Jerome
Ritchie, Harold L.
Schexnayder, Clay
Schroder, John M.
Seabaugh, Alan
Shadoin, Robert E.
Simon, Scott M.
Stokes, Julie
Talbot, Kirk
Thompson, Jeff R.
Whitney, Lenar L.
Willmott, Thomas P.

The Louisiana House Twitter account is @LouisianaHouse.

Care to do a bit of Twitter research?

Just search Twitter for a few names and leave their Twitter handles in the comments section below.

We’ll publish the list later today.

If you tweet, personally I’d recommend a different approach, but Savage has been effective in getting a message across.

My tweet to the House:

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‘Tyrants’: Conservatives Freak Out as NYC Becomes First to Require Proof of Vaccination for Restaurants and Gyms



Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday will formally announce New York City will soon require anyone entering a restaurant, bar, theater, gym, or other indoor events, like concerts, to provide proof of vaccination in a city that is lagging. It is an effort to motivate New Yorkers to get vaccinated and to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, now that the delta variant accounts for nearly all new cases.

“The policy is similar to mandates issued in France and Italy last month and is believed to be the first of its kind in the United States,” The New York Times reports.

In New York City, 72% of adults have had one dose of the vaccine (the national average is 70%), and just 66% have had two doses or are fully vaccinated. In The Bronx just 58% of adults are fully vaccinated, Brooklyn sits at 60%, and Staten Island is at 62%.

Rather than use this as an opportunity to help protect themselves and others from the deadly coronavirus which has killed 629,913 Americans and infected at least 35,900,045 people across the country, anti-science conservatives are lashing out once again.

Joe Borelli, a Trump-supporting Republican and the minority whip of the New York City Council immediately threw a racial twist on the news.

J.D. Vance, once an anti-Trump conservative author – now a pro-Trump Republican venture capitalist and candidate for the U.S. Senate from Ohio declared, “I can’t think of any disease or pandemic in American history that prompted this level of control.”

Georgia State Law law professor Anthony Michael Kreis proved just how wrong Vance was:

NYC-based comedian Dave Smith, who appears on Fox News programs, claims we’ve been living under a “Chinese-style” system and didn’t even know it.

Fox News personality Lisa Boothe thinks there are people who are not at risk from COVID. Also, children who cannot get vaccinated are exceptionally at risk, and even those who are vaccinated can contract the virus – and spread it to those who have not been vaccinated.

Andrew Surabian, who was called “Steve Bannon’s political right hand in charge of strategy” in a Politico advertorial, declares America is living under government “segregation and discrimination” for requiring vaccines to enter certain businesses, despite every child in America, and anyone enlisting in the Armed Forces, being required to have up to 18 vaccinations.

Deneen Borelli, another Fox News personality and author of “Blacklash: How Obama and the Left are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation” calls it “Jim Crow” and claims “Most black New Yorkers are not vaccinated.”


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NY Gov. Cuomo ‘Sexually Harassed Multiple Women’ Says State Attorney General



New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo “sexually harassed multiple women,” and created a hostile work environment, breaking federal and state law, according to state Attorney General Letitia James.

“The probe found Cuomo sexually harassed current and former state employees,” NBC News reports. “It also found the Governor and his team retaliated against a former employee for coming forward.”

Cuomo has repeated denied touching anyone inappropriately and said he would wait for the investigation to conclude before discussing any possible future decisions.


This is a breaking news and developing story. 

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Furious Florida Doctors Lash Out at DeSantis Over ‘Unbelievably Frightening’ Surge of COVID-19 Patients



According to a report from Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is facing withering criticism from doctors in his state for not taking the resurgence of COVID-19 seriously as the Delta variant overwhelms hospitals at a frightening pace.

As the report notes, Florida reported 10,389 new hospitalizations for COVID on Monday that comes on the heels of a staggering 21,000 new infections on Friday making Florida home to almost one in five cases nationally.

On Monday, CNN’s John Avlon reported that Florida “has gotten nearly 25 times more people hospitalized for COVID than in all of Canada,” and, according to The Independent, doctors in the Sunshine State are fed up with the Republican governor who recently started fundraising by selling item mocking getting vaccinated.

According to Vanity Fair’s Levin, “Last month, DeSantis’s reelection campaign introduced koozies and T-shirts bearing the phrase ‘Don’t Fauci My Florida’ as his state began to see some of the highest hospitalizations, new infections, and deaths per capita in the country, claiming that Florida’s economy would have been in the toilet if it had ‘followed Fauci.’ The items were listed along anti-mask merch printed with the DeSantis quote, ‘How the hell am I going to be able to drink a beer with a mask on?’ While the governor’s office swears the state is in great shape, and that the recent spike is merely a ‘seasonal’ blip, the data seems to indicate otherwise.”

Florida’s doctors seem to concur.

In an interview, Bernard Ashby, a Miami cardiologist stated, “While hospitals in our state were filling up, DeSantis was shouting about ‘Freedom over Faucism.'”

Ashby, who also heads up the state’s Committee to Protect Health Care, added, “If DeSantis were as concerned about stopping COVID-19 spread as he was about coming up with these clever jabs about Dr. Fauci, we might not be in this position,” reported the Independent which added that doctors in the state are both “furious and ashamed.”

Dr. Aileen Marty, a Florida International University infectious disease expert also expressed dismay.

“There is no higher risk area in the United States than we’re seeing here,” she admitted before lamenting, “The numbers that we’re seeing are unbelievable, just unbelievably frightening.”

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