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We Need Trevor Thomas In Congress And Trevor Thomas Needs Your Help Now



I like Trevor Thomas. Trevor first came on my radar when he was working for SLDN, working to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Remember all those “Stories from the Frontlines: Letters to President Barack Obama” we published in 2010? Thank Trevor for making that happen. Trevor worked tirelessly for SLDN, providing so much information and advocating day and night to repeal DADT. But even before I knew Trevor, he had worked for the LGBT community at HRC, since 2007. And when DADT repeal was sewn up, in January of 2011, Trevor went to work for a group I admire greatly, Equality Matters, part of the Media Matters family. He’s had five years of successful campaigning for our issues. Now he’s campaigning for us again — this time, hopefully, his campaign will lead him into Congress.

Trevor Thomas, who happens to be openly gay, is running for Congress, for Michigan’s third district in Western Michigan, the Grand Rapids area. Here’s his website.

You should vote for him if you can. You should support him in every wary that you can.

You can support Trevor Thomas by clicking here now. Please do!

Here are a few words from Trevor’s campaign about why he’s running and about the multi-millionaire Tea Party Republicans he’s facing.

Trevor Thomas, 28, filed in February to challenge tea-party freshmen U.S. Rep. Justin Amash in Michigan’s 3rd district — the seat of President Jerry Ford.  As the only person not self-funding in the race, Trevor comes from a working class family — his mom and dad met on the lines of General Motors where they worked together for more than 30 years.  According to campaign pollster Mark Mellman, Justin Amash is unpopular with a re-elect of 33 percent. Trevor is in the margin-of-error, but first he must win the democratic primary against local establishment pick Steve Pestka, 60.

Pestka is socially conservative and does not support a woman’s right to choose and does not allow exceptions for rape and incest. Trevor, who helped repeal the discriminatory “don’t ask, don’t tell” law, spoke out at Netroots Nation for the DREAM Act and is pro-choice.  Trevor was just endorsed by Governor Jennifer Granholm and Lt. Gov. John Cherry.  Knowing the district leans red, his campaign slogan, “A campaign for us all”, was unveiled as Trevor was introduced at his kick off by former Kent County/Grand Rapids GOP party chair Bob Eleveld.

Today, The New Civil Rights Movement is joining other prominent blogs, listed below, and coming together to say we don’t want Tea Party politicians in Congress, and we don’t want Republican politicians in Congress, and we don’t want so-called “moderate Democrats” who aren’t progressive Democrats in Congress.

Remember the 14 months of war in Congress over “Obamacare”? If Congress had been filled with more real Democrats, more real progressives, we could have had a single payer system and not faced the threat –a very real threat, as we’ve learned this week — of the Supreme Court striking down the most important Democratic achievement in 50 years.

Here’s more about Trevor, from his campaign:

Trevor Thomas is running for Congress against a Tea-Party Republican in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and he needs help.  Trevor, who is openly gay and helped repeal ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ by working with the Human Rights Campaign and Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, is at a critical fundraising deadline in the next 24 hours.

Trevor’s up against a lot.  Both his opponents are self-funding millionaires. Trevor is a member of the 99%, coming from a working class family — his mom and dad met on the factory lines of General Motors where they worked together for more than 30 years.  He filed in February to challenge freshmen U.S. Rep. Justin Amash, but now also has a Democratic primary opponent who doesn’t support a woman’s right to choose and called Trevor’s work on LGBT issues “extreme.”

This is the seat once held by President Jerry Ford.  Trevor’s message centers on the values of Jerry Ford – a man who believed in clean water, the Civil Rights Act, LGBT equality, and a woman’s right to make her own personal health care decisions. To this day, the district still leans red, which is why Trevor has already started reaching across the aisle even as he maintains solidly progressive stances. His inclusive slogan, “A Campaign For Us All,” was unveiled at a campaign kickoff where Trevor was introduced by longtime Republican and former Kent County GOP Party Chair Bob Eleveld.

After working as a reporter in the community, Trevor went on to work for Governor Jennifer Granholm who has now endorsed him in the race.  You can watch Trevor’s interview with her on The War Room with Jennifer Granholm, aired last Friday night and focused on his race being one of the youngest in the country.

Trevor needs our help so he is not outpaced by two multi-millionaires.  Let’s stand with him now.

The New Civil Rights Movement is proud to support Trevor Thomas, who is openly-gay, and has done battle for the LGBT community. Now, he wants to help all Americans.

Here’s the list of other blogs that today are participating in a “blogswarm” to help elect Trevor Thomas:

–Marcy Wheeler at EmptyWheel

–Chris Savage at Eclecta Blog and Blogging for Michigan
–John Avavosis and Joe Sudbay at AmericaBlog
–Pam Spaulding at Pam’s House Blend
–Bil Browning at Bilerico Project
–Joe Jarvis at Joe.My.God.
–Jeremy Hooper at Good As You
–Andy Towle, Towleroad
–Karen Ocamb at LGBT POV
–Howie Klein, DownWithTyranny
–Scott Wooledge, Daily Kos

I hope you’ll consider contributing to Trevor’s campaign if you possibly can. If you can’t, please share this with all your friends and family.

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‘It Won’t Fare Well’: Legal Expert Trashes Trump’s Hopes for ‘Hail Mary’ Appeal This Week



The fate of the $250 million Manhattan fraud trial brought against Donald Trump and his Trump Organization by New York Attorney General Letitia James could be determined in two separate court rulings this week with one legal insider claiming Trump shouldn’t get his hopes up.

What is at stake is an expected Tuesday ruling from Judge Arthur F. Engoron on what charges he will accept against the former president for massively overstating the value of his properties, and a “Hail Mary” bid to the appeals court to delay the trial or dismiss it altogether with a deciosn expected on Thursday.

According to a report from the New York Times, Engoron is set to make his ruling after a contentious hearing last Friday where he repeatedly chastised the former president’s legal team and abruptly cut them off.

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That led former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner to suggest on Sunday that the future of the fraud case does not look good for Trump’s legal team.

Kirschner told MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart, “He [Engoron] called those arguments ‘borderline frivolous.’ He was considering sanctions against Donald Trump’s attorney,” and later added, “I don’t think that hearing went all that well for Trump.”

As for the appeals court, the Times is reporting, “Mr. Trump’s lawsuit — and in turn the fate of Ms. James’s case against him — hinges on a passage in the June appeals court ruling that has become a legal Rorschach test of sorts, in which each side sees what they want. Mr. Trump’s lawyers are convinced that the June ruling effectively tossed out the claims against him, while Ms. James’s team has argued that it had little effect on the accusation at the heart of her case — that Mr. Trump overstated his net worth by billions of dollars in his annual financial statements.”

After noting that, should the appeals court side with Trump, it would likely delay or “defang the case before the trial even begins,” the Times is reporting that some legal experts aren’t expecting Trump’s legal team to come out on top.

According to David B. Saxe, who previously served nearly on the same appeals court, “I think it won’t fare well.”

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Pete Buttigieg Nails Trump for His Ugly Comments About Wounded Vets



During his Sunday morning appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg called out Donald Trump over reports he told military leaders he didn’t want wounded vets to be seen by the public while he was president.

In a recent Atlantic profile of General Mark Milley, the retiring military office recounted the former president telling him “no one wants to see” wounded soldiers, with Milley adding he found Trump’s attitude to those serving their country “superficial, callous, and, at the deepest human level, repugnant.”

Buttigieg, who served in Afghanistan during his 8 years while in the Naval Reserve, was asked by CNN host Dana Bash about the former president’s apparent distaste for service members.

“I want to ask you about a new Atlantic profile that says that then President Trump complained to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley after an Army veteran who lost a leg in combat sang at an event at the Pentagon,” Bash prompted her guest. “Trump reportedly told Milley, ‘Why do you bring people like that here, no one wants to see that, the wounded.'”

“After that article came out, Trump attacked Milley on social media, kind of a rambling post, but suggested that milley deserved the death penalty. You’re a veteran– what’s your response?” she asked.

“It’s just the latest in a pattern of outrageous attacks on the people who keep the country safe,” the Biden administration official replied.

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After pointing to fellow vets who suffered horrific injuries, he added, “These are the kind of people that deserve respect and a hell of a lot more than that from every American, and definitely from every American president.”

“And the idea that an American president, the person to whom service members look at as a commander in chief, and the person who sets the tone for this entire country could think that way or act that way or talk that way about anyone in uniform, and certainly about those who put their bodies on the line and sacrificed in ways that most Americans will never understand, and I guess wounded veterans make president Trump feel uncomfortable.”

Watch below or at the link.



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‘Scared to Death’: Trump’s Prison Panic Admission Means He Knows He’s Doomed Says Legal Expert



Reacting to a report that Donald Trump has been quizzing his attorneys about what type of prison he likely will be sent to, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner stated that is not only an indication that he knows he’s going to be convicted but also an admission of guilt.

Speaking with MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart, the attorney was asked about a recent Rolling Stone report about Trump’s prison panic.

As Rolling Stone reported, Trump asked if he’s “be sent to a ‘club fed’ style prison — a place that’s relatively comfortable, as far these things go — or a ‘bad’ prison? Would he serve out a sentence in a plush home confinement? Would government officials try to strip him of his lifetime Secret Service protections? What would they make him wear, if his enemies actually did ever get him in a cell — an unprecedented set of consequences for a former leader of the free world.”

POLL: Should Trump be allowed to run for office?

According to the attorney, Trump is revealing himself by asking for so many details.

“What does this tell you about Trump’s mindset?” host Capehart asked.

“It tells me he is scared to death” Kirschner quickly answered. “It tells me he has overwhelming consciousness of guilt because he knows what he did wrong and he knows he is about to be held accountable for his crimes. So it is not surprising that he is obsessing.”

“If he was confident that he would be completely exonerated, would he have to obsess about what his future time in prison might look like?” he suggested. “I think the last refuge for Donald Trump can be seen in a recent post where he urged the Republicans to defund essentially the prosecutions against him. which, to this prosecutor, Jonathan, smells a lot like an attempt to obstruct justice.”

Watch below or at the link.


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