The Difference Between Men And Women, According To Google


Feminists shot. Women want... to be dominated. Rape victims....should not get abortions

When people search for words on Google, it "learns" the most requested search terms and offers them as "autocomplete" to everyone else who begins to type the same word. What Google has "learned" from these searches is sure to make you stop and wonder. Rebecca Eisenberg posted this video  by Emma Hall on Upworthy, It is, without a doubt, a cold bucket of water on the idea there is no war on women. Rebecca Eisenberg:
It's easy (relatively speaking) to dismiss the sexist opinions of Just One Person, but when you realize where some of Just One Person's opinions are coming from and just how many other people must share those opinions to make them appear at the top of the lists you'll see at 2:23 ... it's a problem that becomes a lot harder to ignore.
Watch this amazing video and see what you think:  



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