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Professional Homosexual Hater Attacks Beck, Says “Gays Will Come To Get Us”



Peter. LaBarbera.

I probably could make this a two-word post, just leaving it at that, and you’d have enough information. But for those of you who have yet to have the “pleasure” of Mr. LaBarbera’s “thoughts,” let me introduce him to you.

From his website: “Peter LaBarbera, 47, is president of Americans For Truth (about Homosexuality, or AFTAH), a group dedicated to exposing the homosexual activist agenda. Founded as a part-time venture in 1996 but reorganized in August 2006, AFTAH seeks to apply the same single-minded determination to opposing the radical homosexual agenda and standing for God-ordained sexuality and the natural family as countless homosexual groups do in promoting their harmful agenda.”


If that weren’t enough, try this, from Truth Wins Out founder Wayne Besen, who a few days ago in The Huffington Post, wrote, “A few years ago, I dubbed LaBarbera “Porno Pete” because of his bizarre fascination with naughty gay magazines and his penchant to go “undercover” at leather events and photograph naked men. It seems the sodomy-obsessed LaBarbera’s strategy is for anti-gay activists to talk explicitly about gay sex and why it is an unbecoming, immoral “behavior” that undermines society.”


Now, let me share with you a few of the more “choice” words LaBarbera had to say to Glenn Beck and, well, everyone, today, in his op-ed, “Why Glenn Beck Is Wrong about Legalizing Homosexual ‘Marriage’.”

And then let me counter his asinine thoughts with a dose of reality and truth.

Peter LaBarbera (just typing his name makes my skin crawl) is angry with Glenn Beck, who recently told his fellow Fox co-worker, Bill O’Reilly, that marriage equality (“gay marriage,”) is not a serious threat to America.

Remember? Watch:

By the way, listen to Bill O’Reilly make that oh-so-close slippery-slope statement that almost blames same-sex marriage for what Beck describes as, “the country burning down.” Oh, and, I’m sorry, Canada. Glenn Beck now has a big problem with you.

OK. So, now back to Peter LaBarbera.

Actually, this first: Why does LaBarbera feel the need to use the word, “homosexual” forty-four times in his piece?

Here’s a sampling:

homosexual “marriage”

federalized homosexual “marriage”

homosexual activism

homosexual Judge

homosexual ‘unions’

Pro-Homosexual Propaganda Centers

homosexual teachers

homosexual relationships

homosexual-”marriage” states

homosexual practice

homosexual-led households

homosexual Scoutmasters

pro-homosexual activism

homosexualist “rights”

pro-homosexualist ideology

homosexual activist attorneys

homosexual legal “rights”

Get the idea that Labarbera has a lot of homosexuality on his mind?…

Now, to the actual “article.”

LaBarbera says, “federalized homosexual “marriage” would override the documented will of the people in the 31 states that have already voted…”


Marriage is a civil right. The Supreme Court has said so. Now, Judge Walker has said so. Civil rights are federal, not state. (The FBI, for instance, investigates civil rights violations.) That one state or thirty-one states have voted against it means nothing. It was not something that should have been up for a vote in the first place.

Oh, and by the way, I’ll remind you that when interracial marriage was deemed “legal,” only 20% of America supported it. The “states rights” thing didn’t work then, it didn’t work when we had slavery, it doesn’t work now.

Perhaps we should have a vote on other rights? Should we vote on, say, if conservative bigots should have the right to spread their hate across America? Should we vote on allowing Peter LaBarbera to continue to spread his falsehoods without consequence?

LaBarbera’s next “point”:

“Legalized homosexual “marriage” will force businessmen and -women to subsidize homosexual relationships even if they rightly believe that those relationships are immoral and deviant.”

Really? I’m pretty sure that as a tax-paying citizen, along with thirty million or so other members of the LGBTQ community, we’ve been subsidizing heterosexual marriage for centuries. We pay taxes that support the 1138 federal benefits that opposite-sex couples enjoy that we cannot. We also pay taxes for things like schools — gladly, I might add — that up until recently we rarely had children to send to.

The gay community had been “subsidizing” the straight community for centuries. It’s time for some payback — in the form of simple equality.

LaBarbera continues, “A businessman who provides marital benefits to his employees could not choose which “marriages” (normal or counterfeit-”gay”) merit company support and which do not — even if he strongly disagrees with homosexual ‘unions’ as a violation of the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, to quote our Declaration of Independence. ”

That’s right, Peter. Just as a businessman who provides marital benefits to his employees cannot choose which marriages, say, interracial, black, white, Asian… to support. It’s a little thing called “equality,” and it’s the very foundation of America. To quote our Declaration of Independence.

LaBarbera writes, “Legalized homosexual “marriage”… turns America’s schools into Pro-Homosexual Propaganda Centers – an evil on a par with legalizing the killing of innocent, unborn children in the womb in the name of “choice” and “reproductive rights.”

Wow. I’m not even going to touch that.

Yes, I am.

So, Peter, same-sex marriage is equal to abortion, and, to your mind, murder?


What do you think? Is same-sex marriage akin to murder? How very “Christian” (not!) of you. Isn’t saying same-sex marriage is akin to murder disgusting?

Now, and I’ve said this before, the thing I love about these far-right-wing radical bigots is that they actually think their positions and opinions are so valid, so correct, so true, that other people must believe them also.

Maggie Gallagher is the queen of saying such bigoted things and never realizing what it sounds like.

Here are a few of Peter’s crazy “issues”:

“Picture a lesbian teacher putting the photo of her and her female parter — or maybe the celebratory photo of them kissing after their “marriage” ceremony — on her desk in front of the class.”

Um, I’ve never had a teacher put a photo of their wedding on their desk, but so what?

“In homosexual-”marriage” states, school textbooks will be re-written to validate homosexual “marriages” as the real deal — and the winning “gay marriage” would be portrayed as a genuine civil rights achievement.”

Um, yes, and your point would be?…

“[E]ven very young students would be taught that those who fought the “gay” civil rights movement — culminating in its greatest prize, “marriage equality” — are the modern-day equivalents of Americans who fought against racial reconciliation and true civil rights.”

Um, yes, and your point would be?…

“The law is a teacher and unfortunately the lesson here is that Americans of faith who agree with God against homosexual “marriage” are small-minded, intolerant bigots who “hate gay people.”

Um, yes, and your point would be?…

I’ll leave you with this last “point” from LaBarbera:

“Finally: yes, Glenn, the “gays” — read: driven and well-funded homosexual activists — will “come to get us,” in one important sense (see Beck’s comment to FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly). If history is a guide, homosexual activists will absolutely set their sights on demonizing churches that refuse to marry same-sex couples (a saccharine term I avoid; these are not normal “couples” but people practicing perversion together). Here Mr. Beck, reportedly a Mormon, displays astonishing naivete, particularly for someone in the conservative information business.”

This is a lie, and you, Peter, I believe are a liar.

“Homosexual activists,” as you call us, want nothing to do with religious institutions. We’re not going to try to force them to do or not do anything. And we cannot. That little thing called “separation of church and state,” which you, Peter, and your conservative nincompoops hate so much, actually would protect churches and other houses of worship from “homosexual activists” — or anyone else — who tried to “force” marriage equality on anyone.

So, Peter, how does it feel to be the last vestige of a dying hate, of bigotry and intensely un-American activities?

I guess you know what those who opposed interracial marriage, or the end of slavery, or women’s suffrage, must have felt like as they saw their lives crumble on the wrong side of history.

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U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) blasted House Republicans upon hearing the House was about to adjourn for the week.

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Congressman Gaetz’s “strategy is now house gop’s plan, Sherman wrote, to which Gaetz replied: “God Bless America.”

Others were less pleased.

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Even before McCarthy adjourned the House for the rest of the week, political experts had warned the volatile situation was worse than it may have appeared.

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Veteran journalist John Harwood quickly replied, “clearly not.”


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“This is a whole new concept of individuals that just want to burn the whole place down,” he lamented. “It doesn’t work.”

“This is really unheard of,” CNBC’s Emily Wilkins reported. “I mean just a rule going down as a procedural thing, that’s pretty rare as is, and for it to happen twice in one week. Last night Republicans came ut of their all hands on deck Republican meeting. A number of them sounded optimistic about moving forward.”

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Thursday failed procedural vote “really did catch Speaker McCarthy by surprise,” Wilkins added.

“He said he did not realize there were not going to be the votes to move forward on this.”

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